Cake Blissken: Escape from New York ComicCon 2017


Escape from New York ComicCon 2017

Pow! Blam!! Kaboom!!! Splooogge!!!! Yes, people…It’s the sounds you didn’t hear coming from inside of my tiny juvenile brain (or was it my pants?) as I attended my second ever ComicCon at the Javits Convention Center in New York City (No salsa here). Hero Complex Gallery or Galaxy depending on your personal preference or multiverse, invited me back for round two.

Since this is my second one, we all know it’s very rare that a sequel lives up to or exceeds the original. There are some that do, but most often not. Well, it’s more complex (No pun intended) than that. So, a wise man told me last year that for the most part, the Con is a very similar experience every year. After this years Con ended, I kinda get what he means. You pretty much had the same set up as last year with small tweaks to help with the flow of attendees. You had some new vendors and new celebrity guests but, there’s no doubt that the fans and their costumes make the Con!

This years challenge was very simple…Find Luke Skywalker and get the inside scoop on the new Star Wars movie. As I ventured over to the celebrity signing area, I found a kind looking woman directing people and politely asked to see Luke Skywalker. She looked at me and asked “Do you mean Mark Hamill?”. The line starts over there. That’s a long line. I looked at her and stated “In front I would like to stand?”. Sir, the line starts back there. I could see she was strong willed. Looking deep into her eyes, I said “Wait in line, I will not”. That’s fine sir, please move along. I then heard a word that sounded unpleasant “Security!” At that exact moment, a woman dressed as Slave Leia walked by me. As I began to follow her, my mind went blank.

So, it was the usual suspects over at the HCG booth with artist presenting their past and present work. Artist from all over the world. They had a few newcomers including Chris Koehler who did a sick Poltergeist poster, Luke Preece from the U.K. with an interesting take on The Matrix and Peach Momoko and her husband Yo from Japan. Peach had some original art that was just incredibly wicked! As always, a very special thanks to all the hard working ladies and gentlemen over at HCG.

I noticed it was more family friendly this year. Lots of families all dressed up and loving it. More strollers means more aisle congestion. As I ventured out into the madness, the back of my left ankle was greeted numerous times with the front wheel of a Thundercat pushing his young child feverishly through the crowd. Dude, I can’t move any faster. I felt like Joey Kern in Super Troopers who’s saying “He can’t pull over any farther”. Meow!

I ventured down to the sweat box known as Artist Alley and checked out all the killer artwork. It was packed and fans were loving it! Lots of comic book artist with tons of original art. I met some interesting artist including Celia Calle, Shane Pierce, Sean Dove and Alexis Ziritt. All very personable, all very different and all very cool! Please check them out if you have chance!

I tried to take more photos this year because that’s all we really care about anyways. There were some really interesting products at some of the smaller booths. You had pretty much anything your little heart could desire. So please enjoy below and thanks for reading this far down!

Check out the photos.

Until next year kids!!

-Cake Blissken

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