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It’s Friday May 19th, 2017 at approximately 6:16 PM …Do you know where your children are? If they were die-hard horror fans and lived near Scottsdale, Arizona…It’s a good possibility they ended up at the opening night of the Mad Monster Party: Arizona!!!

The show was held at the We-Ko-Pa Resort AKA: Fort McDowell Hotel and Casino Convention Hall running Friday through Sunday.This year’s guest included Doug Bradley, Linda Blair, Dick Warlock and Sid Haig to name a few.

To be perfectly honest with all of you, I had no idea that this show was going on in my own backyard. I seem to be so busy lately, that I don’t get out much. It was by way of an e-mail response from my friend Drew Marvick, who stated he was going to be in town this weekend to do some promotion at the convention. For what you ask? That’s a great question…Applause!

Drew is promoting his new horror film that he helped produce, wrote, directed and appears in called Pool Party Massacre! It’s a throw back salute to 80’s horror. A time when slasher films ruled the world and society deemed it perfectly normal to massacre beautiful women after you got to see their tits!

I had actually never met Drew in person, so I took a little drive over to the show to meet up. So, a few things about Drew in person, he’s cool as fuck, has one of the sweetest beards going, is very approachable (Don’t let his beard scare you), has a very smart son / assistant and is very knowledgeable about the horror genre. His film is quickly making him new horror fans around the world.

Now let’s cut to the chase…this is a low budget slasher movie. For the amount of money he and his partner Brian Mills made this for, is pretty impressive. It’s a fun, does not take itself seriously movie. Think late night Cinemax with a slasher twist. It’s a film that I feel gets better the more you watch it and the more alcohol you consume. You want hot women in bikini’s, check…lots of kills, check AND some boobies, you got it kid!

Am I a little biased, yeah, I am. I have great respect for people like Drew that take the initiative and go out and do it. You may dig his film, you may not, but he came up with an idea and made it happen. I truly believe he is going to get better and better with each new film. I’m hoping a PPM sequel will see the light of day. So please, if you love horror films, have a little extra cash to spend, support independent film and buy a copy of the DVD, Blu-Ray or other merch featuring cool artwork by Marc Schoenbach at

So, I’m sure you’re like…dude, WTF…I want to know more about the guests. Tell me more about Pinhead. Was Linda Blair hot in person? Was Tom Savini wearing his cock revolver From Dusk Till Dawn? We’ll you have very valid point. Thank you for sticking with me. Doug Bradley was off doing The Pinhead Experience which was already sold out and separate from where the vendors were. I did not see him. Linda Blair looked great and as in previous articles I’ve written about beautiful woman, yes, there was movement. I got to speak with Tom Savini very briefly. I did not see a cock revolver, but did see a concerned face from Tom as I stared at his crotch region.

I spoke with Dick Warlock and told him a story about the time I saw Halloween II in the theater with my Mom and younger brother. I told him my younger brother was traumatized after seeing it. He asked if he grew up ok and didn’t become a serial killer. I told him he did not, but I did. He looked up at me confused. I then dropped an empty box of Apple Jacks on the table. BOOM! I saw lots of the other guests busy interacting with fans. Sid Haig AKA: Captain Spaulding offered me an exclusive human puppet experience…My only question was “Why is your arm all lubed up?”

Eugene Clark was in full makeup from his Land of the Dead character Big Daddy. Pretty cool! The reason for a lack of photos with the celebrities in this article is because they make a living off of them and autographs. They didn’t want you just coming up and taking pictures of them with your phone.

Lots of merchandise and cool artwork there as well. Then something interesting happened to me. I got recognized? While I was wandering around taking pics of the event, I got stopped by a young man who stated “I like your shirt”…I know you…you’re JRD?  I just happen to be wearing my Quattro 2 t-shirt. WTF! He kindly explained he had the same shirt and was a proud owner of my Predator print. What? Shut the front door!

His name was Chuckie and he and some friends had a booth there promoting their unique take on Pop Culture stickers, patches and pins called POP Sticker Co. Check them out! Pretty cool stuff! We were going to have a conversation about Quantum Physics and whether global warming was real or not, but decided that horror stuff, stickers and posters were more important. Cheers to Chuckie, a very cool and nice person! I said my goodbyes and I ended the night with a trip to In-N-Out Burger and murdered a Double-Double with grilled onion, fries and a Chocolate Shake! Delicious!!! Now smell my death breath…hhhhaaaaahhhhhhhh!

Until we meet again…

Here are some pictures I took. Enjoy.

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