CinemaCon Round Up 2013 – 4DX Part 1



Cinemacon 2013: 4DX
Absolute Cinema Experience – Part 1

Just when you thought 3D was it, the big finale in film advancement, along comes 4D. Its existence is based upon one factor; the advancement of cinema, to create a more realistic experience. 4D is exactly what you might expect it to be, it is an experience that attempts to include all the senses in order to bring the customer “into” the movie through a completely immersive process.


Immersive means everything, nothing is ignored, and this even means the seats interact to make it all the more exciting and engaging. Everything interacts to make these theaters truly unique and mesmerizing. Soon enough, going to the movies will no longer just be sitting and watching. It will become a ride in way, set to the theme and pace of an action packed film. This will bring out the imagination in everyone.

The Conception of 4DX: Past and Present

-2010: The first 4DX theater was introduced to the world with its premiere in Korea. In a matter of 4 months it spread to multiple areas throughout Korea including Yeongdeungpo, Wangsimni, ilsan, Jukjeon and many other districts.

March to July: 4DX partners with Cinepolis (Mexico) as well as Major Cineplex (Thailand). Theaters featuring 4D open at Paseo Acoxpa, La Gran Plaza Guadalajara, Galerias Monterrey, Multiplaza Arboledas in Mexico. A location also opens at Siam Paragon in Thailand.

October to December: R&D offices open in Korea and Los Angeles. During the same time period theaters open at Paseo Interlomas, Villahermosa, Plaza Rio Tijuana, Galerias Metepec, Cancun, Galerias Guadalajara and Universidad in Mexico.

January: They partner with Cinema City of Israel

February: 4DX is honored as one of the Top 10 theaters in the world by CNN

June/ July: 4DX partners with Cinema Park of Russia and opens locations at Songpa, Dongsuwon in Korea. Locations opened at JK Iguatemi, Horto Bela Vista in Brazil as well as locations at Shenyang in China and Rishon LeZion in Israel.

November/December: 4DX partners with Korona World of Japan. Locations open at Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, Surgut, Saint Petersburg in Russia and Santa Anita in Peru


February: Global attendance for 4DX exceeds 600 million and partners with Vieshow of Taiwan

March: A location opens at Westend in Hungary

April: A location opens at Nakagawa in Japan


In all, as of April 2013 there are currently 43 4DX cinemas worldwide in partnership with top global movie exhibitors. (The U.S. needs this now)

Upcoming Locations: Poland, Czech, Bulgaria, Colombia, Taiwan, Indonesia, UAE, Chile, India, Vietnam, Azerbaijan and Croatia, 23 sites in all.

Advanced Discussions: Australia, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, UK, Ukraine, United States and Venezuela

From 2010 to 2013 global attendance has risen from 70 million to 160 million to over 600 million as of February 2013. With its high and fast rise 4DX is poised to become an extremely successful global company.

There is a lot of info to get through with this technology so I thought I would split the topics into multiple articles. This focused on the creation and expansion of the business and its success and eventual growth in popularity. The next will talk about the performance and the main features of 4DX, including what you would see when walking into a theater.

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