• it looks like garbage… garbage i will gladly pay 10+ dollars to see.

    • Sadly, I will too haha

  • The X-men ended the Cuban missile crisis?! Even though I like these actors and the director, Fox is notorious for making the shittiest movies on the planet. I’m only somewhat interested to see how they show Charles and Erik becoming reluctant enemies.

    • That intrigues me as well, but knowing Fox, it’ll probably be an entire movie of them getting along and then one tiny incident that has nothing to do with the story will tear them apart. This is the reoccurring theme in every one of their “superhero” movies.

  • That looks bad-ass! but then again I am a nerd who likes the x-men.

    • I love x-men as well and I’ll see this for the action sequences, but damn that story doesn’t mesh well with me.

  • Having not followed the X-men much in the last decade, I can’t really say for sure whether this looks good or not. Here are three thoughts:
    1. I like the retro setting and the blue adn yellow costumes.
    2. How is Havok around in the 1960s?
    3. I like the actor playing Magneto but I’m not sure if I like Mr. Tumnus as Xavier.
    4. I’ll watch just about anything with Kevin Bacon…except Wild Things.

    • I’m the same way, I haven’t really followed X-Men since the mid-90s. However, the character selection is just horrid and I can’t get passed it.

      Havok has no business being in this movie, nor does Emma Frost, Azazel or a BLUE Beast. I’m so upset with all of these choices.

      I agree. The choice for Xavier is not sitting well with me, he just doesn’t have the look. (No, not the bald look, just the “look.”)

      Kevin Bacon for President! Tremors is one of my favorite movies and I can never get enough of him haha

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