Have at thee! “THOR” trailer debuts

That’s right, the trailer is out for the Mighty Avenger’s live-action feature film debut (let’s all do ourselves a favor and forget that appearance in the direct-to-TV movie The Incredible Hulk Returns.)

And yes, it is rather mighty indeed. We get a good look at Chris Hemsworth in the full outfit, Asgard itself, the Destroyer armor and continuity fanboy heartthrob Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg.)
Enough with the words, though, we’ll let it speak for itself:
“Thor” drops May 6, 2011 in 3D with what can be described as an all-star cast.
Does anyone else think this looks terrible? The more footage I see, the less excited I am about this movie. Natalie Portman is the only saving grace for me, and she’s not even making out with Mila Kunis like she is in the Black Swan Trailer! Wait…you haven’t seen the Black Swan trailer?! Click here for Portman on Kunis action.

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