News – Three Great, Two Terrible "X-Men" Posters


20th Century Fox has released a set of two domestic character posters for “X-Men: First Class”, and high resolution versions of the previously released international equivalents.

The difference is like night and day. The domestic black & white silhouettes with faces crudely inserted on top are literally a five minute Photoshop job. The three international ones though, the third being an alternate of the Magneto poster, are actually quite stunning. Click below for all of them.

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I was born in Cleveland and raised in Los Angeles. Grew up with my face in a comic book and my head in the clouds. I have made many life decisions based on what would certain comic book or movie characters would do… this includes joining the United States Marines, getting into fights, starting random businesses and living in Japan for awhile. Some good decisions some bad, but all worth it.


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          1. I’d laugh if the guy that hired the poster designer said “Alright listen up kid, we want posters with faces on crotches! No face on crotch means no pay. Now hurry up!”.. It’s not the intern’s fault, it’s the guy that hired him.