Free Comic Book Shop Crawl 2012


The Nerdlocker Free Comic Book Day Comic Shop Crawl, otherwise known as NFCBDCSC, was a nerdtastic geekstravaganza! We saw a Jedi, Spider-man, and even Lady Thor (Valkyrie?) throughout our adventure. We laughed, we — read comics, but most importantly, we didn’t steal comics from any kids this year. We did get plenty of photos though.

Every year, FCBD gets better and better. The overall participation is downright inspiring. People gather regardless of DC or Marvel preference. They look past the current feud between the X-Men and Avengers to bring a memorable experience to the lives of all the kids that make it out. If you got a chance to get down to Maximum Comics, there was plenty of fun to be had. With cookies, tacos, comics and plenty of cosplayers, it was impossible to keep my composure throughout my visit to their Fort Apache and Tropicana store. Plenty of heroes showed up for the occasion.

Alternate Reality didn’t disappoint on the fun either. They knew the Nerds would come hungry so they had the Sausagefest food truck waiting. They had local sketch artists doing customer requests for the majority of the day and the Very Awesome Girls (V.A.G.I.N.A.) were running around in costume helping every citizen in need. We got some shots of the joy.

Cosmic Comics had a big sale and was giving away raffle prizes all day. They even gave some lucky customer an original Avengers #1!

And our last stop on our comic crawl was Comic Oasis, who had some sketch artists of their own and plenty of free comics. By this point in the day, we were pretty much pooped. A round-the-city trip of picking up free comics can be exhausting for the average nerd body!

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