Nerdlocker Reviews – Red Hood & The Outlaws #1


Brandon – Wow. It’s going to take a lot to match the level of disappointment I felt by the time I got to the end of this issue. Let me start off by saying that Jason Todd may be one of my favorite characters of the last couple years. I thought his coming back from the dead and transformation into the anti-hero Red Hood was a thrilling story. He plays by his own rules and answers to no one. And being a huge Teen Titans fan, the addition of Red Arrow and Starfire sounded like a win/win book to me. So what went wrong? Well, everything. The story starts out well enough, with Red Hood rescuing Red Arrow from a military prison somewhere in the middle east. Just when all hope seems lost, Starfire comes in with the save. Then it just gets so, so, awful. Starfire is now a sleep-with-who-she-wants-when-she-wants girl and finds most humans boring. So boring, in fact, that she has no distinct memory of anyone from her past, examples being Nightwing, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and a few other Titans. And yes, they are all brought up, by name. And as she’s bored by this quiz, she then asks Arrow if he wants to have sex with her. Then we have Red Hood talking to Essence, a woman only he can see and hear, telling him about the next mission we will see him on. But by the time we got that far, I could honestly care less. Please, please let me go back to a time before I read this book. My god was this book terrible. 1 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

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