Motor City Comic Con 2014 – Day 3


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It's Adventure Time
It’s Adventure Time


It’s kids day!

Kid’s day at Motor City Comic Con is always my favorite. There is nothing like the pure joy of kids who love science fiction, video games, and superheroes. My favorite little troop of munchkins was this Tiny Justice League.


With both my kids in tow, dressed as Adventure Time characters, I was super-excited to get to the final day of the Motor City Comic Con. Today I had three goals. Enter the kids in the kids’ costume contest hosted by the 501st Legion. Get some comics signed by Skottie Young, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, and Gerry Conway. Obtain at least one more interview.

After getting some great deals on comics and finding some Doctor Who action figures for my kids, I had just enough time to interview Mark Waid, writer of Kingdom Come and currently Daredevil (among many others).


The next thing I knew it was time for the costume contest! As you can see, there were some pretty awesome costumes. The winners were an impressive War Machine, Sparkly Darth Vader, Hoth Rebel, and Steam Punk Merida.


Kids' Costume Contest
Kids’ Costume Contest

IMG_5831 IMG_5821 IMG_5820 IMG_5818

I tried my hardest to get another media interview and was able to chat a bit with Rachel Skarsten of Lost Girl. We both shared our love of English Literature. I briefly met Jason Mamoa of Game of Thrones. We both love Guinness but he didn’t share any.

So, while I didn’t get another official interview with any of the celebrities, I did get to meet several and chat with a few. Overall, a grand time was had by all. Even my wallet didn’t suffer a ton of abuse.

To sum up the reward of taking your kids to Motor City Comic Con 2014, here is a conversation between my daughter and me:

Sabrina: Daddy, am I a nerd?

Me: Of course you are, honey.

Sabrina: Yaaaaaaay!

Nerds in Training
Nerd in Training


Now that’s parenting of which Magneto could be proud. Or Darth Vader. Wait, I think I need better role models. How about Thomas Wayne? Yeah. Thomas Wayne would be proud.

It was a great convention and I’m excited to see what Motor City Comic Con has in store for next year.

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