Mondo Gallery Presents: The Comic Art of Francesco Francavilla


Over the last decade, comics culture has returned to the forefront of both pop culture and entertainment. The two major heavyweights, Marvel and DC, have launched their television and cinematic universes, while comic publishers across the board have also seen success through various forms of media and products, from The Walking Dead dominating cable TV to memorabilia from various properties popping up in every store across the country.

Italian artist Francesco Francavilla knows a thing or two about the world of comics, having self-published his own series, The Black Beetle, for Dark Horse Comics, along with winning an Eisner Award in 2012 for his comics cover work. During this time, he has also found success as an alternative poster artist, having released several highly-sought-after prints through various galleries and even on his own. His success in this particular field has lead to his upcoming solo show at the Mondo Gallery in Austin, Tx.

On Friday, August 26th, the Mondo Gallery’s newest show “The Comic Art of Francesco Francavilla” opens to the public, featuring all new posters of select comic book covers from iconic publishers including Marvel, DC and Archie Comics.

We’re huge admirers of both the stunning quality and unique breadth of work Francesco Francavilla has contributed to the world of comic books throughout his career. Walk down the aisle of any comic shop and you’re sure to notice his artwork adorning several covers, whether it be titles from the big two, Marvel and DC, or Archie, or Dark Horse, or Dynamite, or even his creator-owned The Black Beetle. From his striking and bold colors to an affinity for all things pulp, noir and adventure, Francesco stands in a league of his own and we’re proud to present The Comic Art of Francesco Francavilla.

–Eric Garza (Mondo, Head of Creative Production)

Mondo Gallery Francavilla

I’ve been itching to put together a solo gallery show for some time now and I couldn’t be happier to see it happening with my dear friends at the Mondo Gallery! I’m celebrating my 10-year anniversary in comics and this might just be the frosting on that cake! Thanks again, Mondo, for making this happen.

–Francesco Francavilla

The gallery show kicks off with a reception open to the public at Mondo Gallery on Friday, August 26th from 7-10pm, and will be open Tuesday through Saturday from 12pm to 6pm until Saturday, September 10th, 2016.

Our Nerdlocker crew attended the opening night of the show to check out all the goodness available.  Take a look at some of the photos from the event:


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