Nerdlocker Exclusive: A Moment With Brea Grant

The Actress and Comic writer sits down with us to answer some questions.


When I first saw Brea Grant show up in Heroes, I was nothing short of intoxicated. Her screen time was rather limited but I enjoyed every moment I had. After the series got the boot off of NBC’s Line-up in 2010, I knew that wouldn’t be the last I heard of Ms. Grant, and sure enough, it was not.

Nerdlocker was given the opportunity to interview Brea and, of course, I jumped at the chance.

NL: You have been a busy young lady. Has your career become more challenging since you starred in the hit NBC show, Heroes?
Brea: My career has changed pretty much 100%. Before Heroes, I was waiting tables and going to auditions to be the “girl in café #2” or some other one-liner role. Now people take me more seriously as an actress and I go to much better auditions. And people actually seem to care what happens to my career.

NL: In Heroes you starred the vivacious speedster love interest to Matt Parkman, Played by Greg Grunberg. How was the relationship off screen? Was it a fun exchange?
Brea: It was great. Greg is the sweetest guy in the world. He’s a total dorky dad who loves his family and likes to make a lot of jokes on set. I learned a lot from him. He’s essentially been on one show or another as a series regular for over 10 years, which is almost impossible in Hollywood. I think in addition to his great acting, a lot of that is due to the fact that people want to work with him. He’s smart, funny, and treats everyone well. It’s amazing how far that can go.

NL: How cool was it to see yourself on screen running at the speed of light? Did you have a nerd freak-out the first time you saw it?
Brea: It was pretty crazy. One of the producers took me into the editing room pretty early on to show me the effect. They’d try to describe it as me leaving a “wake” behind me, but I just didn’t really understand. Once I saw all the work that had gone into it, I was blown away.

NL: You have thrown yourself into the world of writing. Not only did you write the sexy and scintillating mini series to Suicide Girls. A comic based on the gorgeous ladies from the pin-up website of the same name. But you have also co-created your own comic with your brother, Zane Grant. How frustrating was it to get your own baby off the ground?
Brea: It was frustrating and still is. We are still pitching ideas and it takes a long, long time to get someone to get on the same page as us. But I guess I’m used to that as an actress because it’s also a very frustrating career choice.

NL: Can you tell us a little about We Will Bury You?
Brea: It’s a zombie comic set in the 1920s that follows two women – a prostitute and a thief – as they make their way across New York City. It was our first comic and we’re very proud of it.

NL: The news was broken last week that not only is the popular horror comedy comic, Hack/Slash, being turned into a motion comic series, but you will be voicing the bat-wielding horror heroine, Cassie Hack. Being a fan of the comic, how violent was your second nerd freak-out to date?
Brea: Hahaha. I was pretty excited. I had expressed interest in being Cassie to Matt Pizzolo a while ago and was thrilled when he asked me to do it. But nervous too, you know? I’m always nervous I’m going to disappoint people especially on something I’m so personally attached to. But hopefully they think they ended up with the right girl.

NL: Please tell us you will be doing the issue where a serial killer is combing the floor of Comic-Con killing writers of creator-owned work? There’s a serious underlying issue there, I know it.
Brea: It’s not that issue, but that issue may come into play. There will be a lot of Hack/Slash stuff that people will know in the actual movie.

NL: Do we have any new comics to look forward to from the mind of Brea Grant?
Brea: Hopefully. If someone will pick them up! Right now, Zane and I are working on a slasher comic set in the Portland punk scene.

NL: You are also in quite a few episodes of this next season of Dexter. Can you tell us a little about the character you will be playing? Or is that too hush-hush at the moment?
Brea: Yep. I’m playing Ryan Chambers, a new intern in Masuka’s lab. I’m sort of a dark, sexy rollergirl-type. I think people will be happy and surprised with my character.

NL: Lastly, If you could have one super-power, what would it be and what would be the first thing you used it for? And don’t say super speed because you have already had that.
Brea: To stop time. So I can take a nap.

You can read more from Brea Grant on her site [Brea Grant] and, of course, for more nerdy news, check back with the only place for your inner nerd, Nerdlocker.

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