Marvel Comics Announce Fear Itself: LIVEBLOG


Welcome to the very first Nerdlocker LIVEBLOG! We will be blogging live (via the internet) from the Marvel press conference at Midtown. Make sure to check back here often starting at noon (eastern) on Dec. 21, 2010. What do you think Marvel will be unveiling?

9:03 a.m. – The press conference has started!

9:04 a.m. – Joe Quesada is the man!

9:06 a.m. – If there are Marvel zombies, vampires, werewolves, or anything else in that vein, i’ll be pissed…..

9:12: Alot of talking, but no answers.

9:25: Alot of talk about Civil War, but nothing regarding their tagline: “Fear Itself.”

9:26: Looks like Marvel is going “real world.” They’re talking about politics and mortgages. Awesome! Spiderman is getting a real job at a bank.

9:27: Great “Deadpool will be involved.” As we talked about in one of our comic reviews, he is over saturated as it is.

9:28: Guesstimating a two year run on this series.

9:31: In March, the series begins during the Halycon days. Fear Itself  begins for 7 months with a scale of Secret Invasion. (Which means too many tie ins.)

9:33: This story will affect the Marvel Universe in some “subtle” way that will be referred to until we are “sick to death.”

9:35: Everyone in attendance gets a special limited print of the promo artwork.

9:36: That’s it. That’s Marvel’s big announcement. They’re releasing another comic line that will be extended way too long and everyone gets sick of. Probably with zombies since that’s the fad now. What do you think about the press conference? Are you excited for the next big change in the Marvel Universe? Let us know in the comments!

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