Nerdlocker Comic Reviews 9/19/2012


Justice League #0

Written by Geoff Johns

Art by Gary Frank

In this 0 issue of Justice League, we see the back-up that’s been going on since the new 52 started take center stage. In issue 12 of this title, we finally got to see little Billy Batson shows some real heart with his actions rather than continue on being Bratty Batson. We also got to see the fantastic pages explaining how Black Adam was released from his tomb. In this conclusion to the first back-up story line for Shazam, we get to enjoy Gary Frank artwork throughout the entire book. We get to see Billy put through a mini guilt trip by the wizard when he looks into his heart to see if he is pure good. They show his weaknesses we’ve seen over the last year, but the Wizard also saw his strengths. The old man sees a spark of good inside of him that he believes could grow into the greatest compassion the world has ever known. What’s good about this Shazam series by Geoff Johns is that it’s not focusing on how a child is the perfect superhero because of his innocent mind. Johns explores the character in a modern light because kids today are little brats and sometimes life just has to be thrown at them for them to see what they need to do. In this case, life is replaced with a bolt of Lightning as we see Batson transform into the hero that might be able to bring the DC universe out of its dark times. And a glorious sight it was with Frank creating the pages. This book has a fantastic creative team and I hope we see no shortage of Billy and Shazam in the coming months. I give Justice League #0 5 out of 5 Nerdskulls.


Before Watchmen: Nite Owl #3

Story by J. Michael Straczynski

Art by Andy Kubert

If the Star Wars prequels were as good as this prequel series has been i’m pretty positive everyone would’ve loved Jar Jar. J. Michael Straczynski is crafting a backstory for Dan Dreiberg, the second Nite Owl, that brings so much more depth to an already fleshed out human being. Not only do we get a view into the past that made him the person he is, but we see the choices he makes to become a darker and more mysterious character than his predecessor. What I enjoyed most about this particular issue was how the gritty distorted inking and penciling made the story much more believable. I don’t think someone like Adam Hughes would’ve done this book justice, so thank you to Andy and the late Joe Kubert. He definately went out on top. With one issue left in this facet of the Before Watchmen saga it ends with a twist that maybe could’ve been a little less obivious, but it was still executed in good form so I can’t completely hate it. This issues getting 41/2 nerdskulls.


Sword of Sorcery #0

Story by Christy Marx & Tony Bedard

Art by Aaron Lopresti & Jesus Saiz

I’ll be honest about this book, but I kind of sort of got stuck reading it when it came to choose at Nerdlocker base #2, aka Brandon’s and My own residence. I’m an admitted and self professed fantasy fan so it wasn’t a big deal, but man I really wanted to review Justice League #0, Shazam rules! What I got was actually a great comic that felt like a mix between Shazam/Firestorm/Wonder Woman in a Medieval setting. We’re introduced to Amy Winston who, with her mother, has been traveling for as long as she could remember, only to find out on her 17th birthday that she’s actually the last princess of Gemworld. A little cheesy, yeah I know, but there really is a lot of potential here. Being a retelling of a classic DC magic character Amethyst, who was a cult favorite in the 80’s and made her last appearance in the epic Infinite Crisis, the writer Christy Marx takes a darker approach to this character by presenting situations that definitely raise a few eyebrows and would not be allowed on saturday morning cartoons, which is what I was expecting. While the tone was great and the future looks bright for our new hero, the story felt a little dated and redone. Yeah its a retelling so that’s going to happen but for once I would love for our heroine to not be the outcast the last 40 new heroes were and be her own person. I guess its tried and true, but its getting old for me. Other than that, this story was great and gets an easy 3 1/2 nerdskulls. There was a little surprise in this issue though, a reimagining of Beowulf that mixes Skyrim and Game of Thrones with a huge splash of Terminator/Alien to give a truly unique look on a future that makes us live in the past. I would buy this issue just for the back up, it was that good!


Daredevil #18

Story by Mark Waid

Art by Chris Samnee

I’ve always been a big Daredevil fan. After the events of Shadowland I wasn’t quite sure where Marvel was going to go with a new Daredevil series, but we’re 18 issues in and it doesn’t look like this book will fizzle out any time soon. Foggy is still dealing with now running the firm by himself after kicking Matt out for having his father’s remains hidden in his desk (way messed up). Matt who believes he has been framed is back from his ordeal in Latvaria with his new squeeze Kirsten, only to cut his date short at the door to find his committed ex wife Milla back in his apartment acting like nothing is wrong (pretty messed up). Matt puts a call to Foggy who reluctantly agrees to help handle the situation. The ending threw me a curveball I never saw coming, and gets me so excited for this series I’m already itching for next months issue. 5 out of 5 Nerdskulls for me. Keep up the excellent work Mark Waid!


Lobster Johnson: Caput Mortuum

Story by Mike Mignola & John Arcudi

Art by Tonci Zonjic

Man do I love me some Lobster Johnson. And yes, I know that opening sentence came out a little weird. But have you guys been reading these books? First off, I love that they’ve been giving him one shots. You get the whole story in one book, and with all the PBRD mini series, it makes this a little easier to follow. I also get this old school feel when reading one shots like these. Back when you could tell a whole story in one issue and not have to stretch things out. But most importantly you have a kick ass story with Lobster Johnson, well, kicking ass. German scientists are looking to destroy New York City with come chemical warfare, and they’re on a zeppelin! This book has everything! From the first time I read this character he’s always been one of my favorites. I love seeing more of these issues coming out, and as always the story never disappoints. 5 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

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