Marvel Announces Northstar Engagement


Things are changing in comic books every single day. Heroes lose their powers, switch sides, and even die all the time. As a result, some could say the impact from these type of events has gotten diluted heavily. I can agree on some points but if there’s one thing the comic industry has been able to do over the decades, it’s modernizing the story lines to be more meaningful for younger audiences. This week has seen two such changes that diversify the industry in a way that can never be beat.
Marvel Comics announced this morning that two characters in their universe will be tying the knot, but it’s more meaningful than ever before. When you go into your local comic shop tomorrow(5/23) to pick up your long-awaited weekly comics, being the X-Men fans that we all are, we will get to see the marriage proposal of Jeanne-Marie Beaubier AKA Northstar to long-time boyfriend, Kyle Jinadu in Astonishing X-Men #50. Northstar was the first superhero to say the words “I am Gay” in Alpha Flight #102 in 1992. Scott Lobdell was the writer to bring the character out but Northstar was originally written to be homosexual by creator, John Byrne. He was unfortunately unable to put the fact in words per strict rules set by Marvel and the Comics Code Authority. With the recent brave backing of the subject by President Obama, Marvel and other comic distributors are choosing now to show as much support for the Gay community as they possibly can.

We will see the actual wedding go down in Astonishing X-Men #51 but I wonder if there will be any villains that show to support/tear down the event. Better yet, will other heroes be given wedding responsibilities? I, for one, can see many opportunities for the X-Men. Storm can ensure a beautiful wedding day, Jubilee can provide the fireworks, but Beast would definitely be the best candidate for ring bearer. I would have too much fun at an X-Men wedding.

One of our own local comic shops and personal favorite of mine, Maximum Comics, will even be having a reception to celebrate the momentous occasion; which is, of course, in conjunction with Marvel Comics. The reception will be held at both locations of Maximum Comics and all proceeds will be donated to AFAN. The Aid For AIDS Nevada.

The comic chains owner, Maximum Jay, is openly homosexual and has spent years forming a viable comic loving community in the city of Las Vegas. Jay provides two of the best comic buying experiences with his two successful stores in town and shows no signs of slowing down. We look forward to what is sure to be a fantastic reception for the newlyweds. Please, take a moment to check out for more information and tell Maximum Jay Nerdlocker sent you.

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