March Nerdness 2012 – Round 2


The People’s Voice: Nerds had a say in this year’s March Nerdness via polls found on Nerdlocker’s Facebook page. Unfortunately, in round one that voice was a hoarse whisper. I really thought that pitting the Star Wars nerds against the Trekkies might cause rioting or nuclear warfare. Instead, it amounted to an Ewok/Tribble fart. Still, I must commend the nerds who are paying attention for making the right choice. You picked the Force over the Vulcan death pinch. Another good call was choosing the Suicide Squad over the Thunderbolts. Whether considering the original rosters or the current ones, it’s no question which team had more vicious (and viciously seductive) members.

Suicide Squad circa 1992 and 2011

Stubby sword versus bad fashion sense.
Bad Calls: I have to admit my first “bad call” comes from the heart. I grew up with He-man. I still have Stinkor in my basement and, yes, he is still malodorous. Now, I will admit that Lion-O has a far cooler haircut than He-man. I will also admit that He-man does look like he could be a cage-dancer at a gay bar. However, it’s the villains that made the show. Despite his weird voice, Skeletor is an awesome villain. Mumm-Ra? Come on! He’s a mummified monkey man. Teela and Cheetara are a push. Orko and Snarf are also a push. But that’s just it, Thudercats is a Masters of the Universe rip-off. But ultimately, although He-man’s fuzzy undies will be all in a bunch, I must concede that Thundercats should beat the Masters of the Universe.

The second bad call shocked me. Hellfire Club over the Sith! I think some of you have been clicking on the Cosplay Cutie of the week too much lately. Because it’s obvious that fantasies of Emma Frost and the Black Queen have clouded your judgement. Still, one must obey the nerdy masses – even if they are incredibly wrong.

Hang your head, Darth. You have been bested by lingerie.

The X-factor: Every team that had Wolverine made it to the second round. Hey, he won last year’s bracket. And since Marvel has pimped him out like so much Julia Roberts, that meant the following teams advanced: X-men, Uncanny X-force, Team X, and the Avengers.

The heavy hitters: Another determining factor in the first round was the heavy hitters. With members like Apollo, Dr. Manhattan, Superman, and the Hulk on your team, it was not likely that you would fall to an underdog. What will be interesting is when these teams face each other.

Close Calls: Besides the aforementioned Hellfire Club shocker, there were no earth-shattering upsets. My heart wanted Batman Inc. to beat the Legion of Superheroes, but I was still crushed over He-man’s defeat so my head won out. But there were some match-ups that were tough to call. Included in these were the League of Assassins over HYDRA and the Howling Commandos over G.I. Joe.

So what do you think were bad calls? Who should make it to round three? Check out Facebook for polls on the following match-ups: The Umbrella Academy vs. Inhumans and The Watchmen vs. Stormwatch.

Whole Bracket

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