Jason’s Corner – X-Force 5.1

X-Force 5.1

Uncanny X-Force continues to be my favorite book.  X-Force has some of the coolest mutie characters (Wolverine, Psylock, Archangel, Deadpool, and Fantomex).  I love the way these characters balance each other.  They are all tormented souls, but each fulfills his/her own role.  Wolvie is the hard-as-nails experienced field leader.  Deadpool is the zany comic relief.  Fantomex is both witty and dark. Psylocke is the fractured conscience of the team.  However, other than fighting the monster within that was gifted to him by Apocalypse, it seems Archangel is here by default as Psylocke’s boyfriend and mutant ATM.  Still, X-force has the thrilling concept of a black-ops X-team. It’s art is as gorgeous as it’s writing.

This one-shot, between the Deadlok storylines of issues 5 and 6, does not disappoint. It opens with Lady Deathstrike standing over Wolverine’s carcass as she states, “Go. Kill at your discretion.”  The action doesn’t let up throughout and Remender and Alberquerque make the dated characters of Deathstrike and the Reavers retro-cool.  Instead of looking as ridiculous as they did back in the 90s, Alberquerque’s art makes the Reavers retro-cool.  These Reavers reminded me more of the androids in Blade Runner or the mutants in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.  Like I said, much cooler.

The violence is dark and edgy and White’s coloring complements this mood.  Psylocke makes good use of her katana blade.  Logan makes good use of his healing factor.  Deadpool makes good use of his mouth.  And somehow Archangel is able to immediately grow back his metal wings. 

I give this particular book four out of five skulls.  My one complaint is that it could use more Fantomex.

Last week one of our readers (James) asked me to list 3-5 comics that have good writing.  Here’s my list of current books that have either intriguing storylines or interesting characters:

Uncanny X-Force

The Amazing Spider-man

Batman Incorporated

Green Lantern

Here are non-superhero titles currently running that have good writing:


The Walking Dead

Kill Shakespeare

The Unwritten

American Vampire

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