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It looks like 20th Century Fox still hasn’t learned anything from it’s previous movie messes at all. After the almost comical debut of the Empire magazine covers featuring a preview of the characters in the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past, we now have more news about the studios attempt at re-booting the Fantastic Four movie franchise.

According to multiple sources on the inter-webs, Emmy Rossum has joined the cast as Sue Storm in the upcoming re-boot. Which isn’t a bad thing except for the fact that they casted Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch.


When I first heard about the casting of Michael B. Jordan I was ok with it. I just thought it was odd, but not a deal breaker. I mean as a black man who loves comics I just thought “Ok, this is not the norm, but cool. Very Frank Miller, Tim Burton in the choice. I’ll wait and see.” But now with Emmy Rossum in the mix I don’t know what to think. How are they going to explain this one? Maybe they had the same mom and different dads or maybe they are adopted.



This news is really starting to bug me as a fan. Fox’s choices in character design is bad enough with Quick Silver being some dark haired rave throw back who w wears headphones, and a Sentinel that looks like a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Now we get casting news that is both good but still bad at the same time. Not to mention, after reading the script rumors floating around on Badass Digest, where Reed and Ben gain their powers following a bizarre accident and being forced to work for the military, then being introduced to Sue and Johnny Storm later down the road is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. To be fair, the script rumors are just rumors and according to Josh Trank‘s unverified Twitter account, these were debunked when posted this on @josh_trank

[colored_box color=”eg. blue”]”that synopsis is definitely not the synopsis or anything close to the synopsis. i don’t know who put that out. byyee.” [/colored_box]

After seeing the Twitter post it made me feel a little better, but the fact still remains… Fox is still getting it wrong! I understand that they are trying to cash in on the previous glory days of the first two X-Men movies and gain a younger market by casting a younger Fantastic Four. But the studio is not seeing the forest for the trees, in that there’s a bigger world out there now. X-Men came out at a time when there wasn’t too much else. Now that you have titles like Avengers, Captain America and The Amazing Spider-Man who are sticking to the formula, Fox should know by now. Stick to the road map Marvel has provided, add in subtle modern touches where needed then leave it alone. That’s what the fans want.

At this rate we will have to wait until Marvel gets the rights back to both franchises before we will see anything half-way decent for two of the greatest comic book titles in the world.

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