Deadpool 2: Spoilers and Fridges Abound

In case you didn’t read the title of the article – SPOILERS AHEAD!

Deadpool 2 is much like the first installment. It breaks the 4th wall, it is self aware, raunchy, silly, and super over the top. All things I loved about the first movie. And don’t let the rest of this article fool you- there is a lot of fun to be had at this movie. In fact, I saw it twice because the audience was laughing so hard the first go around that I missed quite a lot of the jokes.

Deadpool 2 goes full fan service and introduces us to some other lesser known characters in the marvel lineup: Shatterstar (originally from New Mutants comics in 1999), Zeitgeist (from X-Force in 2001), Cable (New Mutants 1990), and Domino (X-Force 1992).

These characters have come on gone through the years of comics and half of them come and go just as quickly in the movie. But it’s really nice to see them introduced and brought into canon. And even though there are many (many) deaths in this movie there is one that continues to bother me… That’s right we’re gonna talk about the fridging of Deadpoool’s lady, Vanessa.

For those of you that haven’t heard the term before, fridging is a female character being killed, maimed or depowered, in particular in ways that treated the female character as merely a device to move a male character’s story arc forward, rather than as a fully developed character in her own right. It originated in comics back in 1994 with (ironically enough) Green Lantern #54 where GL comes home to find his girlfriend, Alex DeWitt, has been killed and stuffed into a refrigerator.

In Deadpool 2 Vanessa is fridged in the first 20 minutes and revisits Wade in death dreams throughout the movie. Her death is the catalyst for all of Wade’s actions, his search for a family, the reason he tries to save Russell and create X-Force.

While I understand that Wade needed to grow as a human there were ways they could have done it while letting her live. They were thinking of starting a family- how about she gets pregnant and has to go into hiding in order to protect the baby and herself from the Big Bad. That is just a single idea off of the top of my head- and i’m not a movie writer.

We have to be able to do better by the ladies in comic movies (and comic books for that matter). They shouldn’t all have to be Vanessa (dead), or Jean Grey (dead), or Gwen Stacy (dead), or Domino (tortured), or Enchantress (dead (though June got to live)), or Black Canary (dead), or…. well i think you get the idea.

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