DC ALL ACCESS – Blackest Night Videogame, Christopher Priest, and Much More!


DC All Access being your connection to all of the latest DC news and announcements behind DC Comics is showcasing some exciting episodes this week! This week DCAA speaks with DC Legends Design Director Sean Dugan about their newest mobile adventure game, “Blackest Night.” DCAA also speaks with writer Christopher Priest on the newest issue of Deathstroke and Lucifer star Tricia Helfer.

Legends will rise…but WHICH Legends is entirely up to you! In this DC All Access Games clip, we talk to DC Legends Design Director Sean Dugan about our newest mobile adventure game. What are some of the heroes and villains you’ll be able to add to your roster, how do the different locations effect gameplay, and how does “Blackest Night” fit into the whole thing? Time to grab your phone or tablet and save the world!

It’s family bonding…with bullets! In this DC All Access comics clip, writer Christopher Priest unravels the craziness we can expect in today’s new issue of Deathstroke. How does an estranged hitman father spend some quality time with his daughter? By putting a hit out on her, of course!

She may not be running for President, but Tricia Helfer has our vote when it comes to memorable performances. In today’s all new DC All Access, we talk to the Lucifer star about what it’s like being the mother of the devil…and how it compares to her previous role on Battlestar Galactica. Plus, we look at some election-themed new comics, talk to writer Jody Houser about her new series Mother Panic and give you a chance to win Lucifer Season 1 on Blu-ray!

On this very important week, DC All Access is asking you to vote…with your remotes! Obsidian Spectre—otherwise known as Hector Navarro—cues up this week’s new episodes of Supergirl, Lucifer and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow before getting advice on becoming a super-villain from the Reverse-Flash himself, Matt Letscher. Plus, don’t miss your excellent answers to our last Question of the Week. Are you sure you’re not all TV executives?

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