Could Dark Knight Rises Include The Lazarus Pit?

Will the Lazarus Pit be a key component in the new film or will it play as an easter egg for the fans?


In Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, we get to meet Ra’s al Ghul in a very unique way. Unfortunately he dies but anyone who reads Batman knows that death means nothing when you have the Lazarus Pit. Don’t read Batman? What the hell is wrong with you?

Lazarus Pits are composed of a unique unknown chemical blend that bubbles up somewhere within the Earth’s crust to the surface at key points on Earth, typically at the junction of ley lines. The substance possesses the ability to rejuvenate the sick and injured, and even resurrect the dead. The pits also decrease the age of the user depending on how long they stay submerged in the pit. If a healthy person goes into the pits, they will be killed in most instances.

There hasn’t been any inclination that Ra’s Al Ghul will be returning for the Dark Knight Rises film but some questionable images have showed up online.

In the Batman Begins movie we actually get a glimpse of notes regarding the pit and its restorative abilities. It is referenced in Ghul’s notes as photographed by Bruce at the Olympus Gallery in New York City. Since a young Ra’s Al Ghul has been casted, played by Josh Pence, it is still up in the air on whether this will bring back Liam Neeson or will just be used as a background piece. Liam Neeson has reportedly stated that he WILL NOT be returning for the 3rd film in the franchise but it wouldn’t be the first time we were told one thing and witnessed another.

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