Nerdlocker Comic Review – Severed #7!


The ending to one of the greatest horror comics I have ever read starts off with a bang and sucks you right in. We have watched a bright-eyed youngster travel the country trying to find his musician father but someone, or something, lurks in the shadows. The book is set in the early ’20s. Admittedly this is an era I cannot say I know much about but it made the story that much scarier for me. Trying to understand the position the main character was in as a runaway child traveling a dangerous railroad system was a little hard but it stretched the imagination in a fantastic way. Here’s a little taste:

I originally picked up this title due to the writer, Scott Snyder. I cannot stop reading another book he writes, American Vampire, and I read everything he produces for DC. I wanted to see how he would write horror in comic form and thankfully, I am pleasantly surprised. He writes the genre like he was born to. If you are a connoisseur of all things scary and creepy like I am, you will absolutely love this series. I will give #7, as well as the entire story arc, 5 out of 5 Nerdskulls. Pick up the single issues at your comic shop now or get the hardcover that comes out in April.

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