Image Comic Book Review – Invincible #89!


I always make it a point to be the Nerd to review this book since I have so much invested in the story, both emotionally and financially. I have every single issue in the comic series as well as all the hard covers signed by the writer and artist. I am so deep in the fandom for this character that it has literally kept food from my belly. I have absolutely loved some of the arcs and absolutely hated others. The one us Invinci-fans are reading at the moment has been pretty damn awesome. That’s coming from a true fan so you know it’s the truth.

In the last issue, Invincible, Kid Omni Man, and Allen the Alien had one hell of a brawl over the future well-being of the Viltrumite race as well as humans. With the safety of his family and friends at stake, Mark Grayson was ready to fight to the death to make sure they are not harmed. Emperor Thragg showed up and sent Kid Omni Man hurtling into Earth’s atmosphere to implement the Scourge Virus out of fear that Thragg would stop Allen. That death Invincible was fighting for might have been granted since his little half-brother accidentally infected him straight in the face.

In #89, we see Mark in a space medical ward of sorts and Emperor Thragg has his best alien scientists working on a cure. So this begs the question, could the Viltrumite race be more human and merciful than we may have previously thought? Pondering that question is soon derailed by the brutal slaughter of one of the alien scientists when they inform Thragg that, after extensive DNA testing, Invincible is a “Perfect Match.” Thragg murders the alien to keep this fact a secret and causes a flutter in my own heart. Simply because that familiar feeling has returned yet again. A feeling of sheer joy upon seeing such immense gore. Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn and newly appointed colorist John Rauch make for a beautiful team and the blood all but splatters onto your face when flipping through the gorgeous pages. As I’ve said several times before, this is a book you all should be reading.

For the stunning bloody mess on the pages of this book, I give it 5 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

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