Comic Book Reviews – Justice League, Young Justice, and Avengers!

Justice League #17 4/5

This is the Justice League book I’ve been waiting for. Simple as that. It’s been a bit of a slow build, but whatever Scott Snyder’s grand plan is: I’m here for it. This issue serves as a standalone, and it focuses on the relationship between Martian Manhunter and Lex Luthor, and the secret history that was revealed in the last issue. Personally, I couldn’t be happier that MM is getting the spotlight he deserves. He has always been one of the most important heroes in the DCU to me, and it makes me happy to know that Snyder has big plans for him. Seeing the history of Mars being uncovered and how it relates to the totality, as well as the things J’onn is willing to do, like strike up a truce with Lex Luthor, had me fully invested in this issue. I love that this book is building the Legion of Doom up to what we’ve classically seen in the Super Friends. I’ve heard people say that this current team reminds people of the Justice League cartoon some of us grew up with, and that might be why I am such a fan of this book. It’s maybe not as fast paced as some books, but I’m willing to be patient with this one. Jim Cheung’s artwork has been the perfect accompaniment for the story being told, and he draws some beautiful scenes in this issue. Add this to your pull, I really think you’ll be missing out if you’re not reading this.

Young Justice #2 5/5

Young Justice is back! I seriously can’t begin to tell you how long I’ve been waiting for a book like this. Geoff John’s Teen Titans is one of my favorite runs, and I have become attached to Bart, Tim, Connor, and Cassie. So the fact that I get them back in a monthly series, and regular continuity, well I can’t really ask for much more can I? This issue picks up right where issue 1 left off, with the new (currently) unofficial team on a world they are unfamiliar with. We spend some time with Jinny Hex, and the new Teen Lantern, but we really get more of a picture of what’s taking place on Amethyst’s home planet, and the sort of power struggle that is underway. Teen Lantern still remains a mystery of who she is and how exactly she came to possess a power ring (or whatever it is that lets her manifest her objects), but I assume that will all be revealed in due time. Now it’s no secret that I haven’t always been the biggest fan of Brian Michael Bendis. A lot of his Marvel events felt like they burned bright at first, but left a lot to be desired. I have a different hope for this book. It doesn’t seem like there’s going to be a brand wide event coming out of this book. Hopefully just good stories about a good team. Fingers crossed that this book catches on and maintains popularity, so that my favorite group of heroes don’t fall back in the the abyss of unused/underused DC Heroes.

Avengers #14 4/5

I knew Jason Aarons run on Avengers was going to be fun. They’ve battled Celestials, they’ve had to deal with Namor being a dick again, we’ve met 2 different teams that are slated to try and take down the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and we have War of The Realms quickly approaching, but one story I definitely didn’t see coming: a Vampire Civil War. It seems that there’s a group of the undead that don’t like the way things have been running, so they start an uprising. While the Avengers deal with saving civilian and vampire alike, we’re introduced to the leader of this revolt, the Shadow Colonel. This is a vampire with an agenda, and he did not come to play games. This is fun start to the story, with a pretty cool ending that sets things up. Aaron’s run has been fun so far, and a story like this is really showing how he deals with vastly different characters. The book starts with Blade and Captain Marvel trying to save a flight full of people from a Vampire attack midflight. Stories like these are what pulled me in to comics to begin with. There’s also a panel in this book between Iron Man and Black Panther that really shows off how well he knows these characters. He has a full plate here, but his ability to handle everyone with their own voice is really something to Marvel(wink) at. I’ll see myself out.

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