Comic Book Reviews – Blue Estate, Scarlet Spider and Adventure Time!


Blue Estate #9
by Hayley

I got so exited when I saw the cover of this comic. Star Wars reference? I’m on board! Unfortunately, I had to put the comic down before I was able to really get to the fun Star Wars parts. What I was able to get through (mostly because I forced myself to) was such a stereotypical mob story that I found myself absorbing none of the story. I tried to make myself believe that I enjoyed the female lead who could stand up for herself, but that quickly changed and I found that underneath it all, she was just like every other woman in a mob story. With all that said, I do have one bright note, which is that the art looked beautiful. It wasn’t the most detailed, but it was so bright with a genuine classic feel that it made me feel like I was looking at art from decades ago, and that is a flavor of art I can never say no to. It really is unfortunate that the beautiful art couldn’t save the boring story. I’m giving this book 2.5 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

Scarlet Spider #2
by Steven

If you aren’t familiar with Scarlet Spider, this is Peter Parker’s clone’s adventures as he tries to discover who he is and what kind of “hero” he will become. This is a perfect series for anyone who likes Spider Man but would like to see more action, and it does deliver on the action. Kaine is so much more violent and willing to tear someone to shreds to achieve his goal; he even goes so far as to strangle someone with his spider web. My only complaint with this series is that I wish they wouldn’t hold back with some of the violence, but I won’t go into details because it would contain spoilers. Though they did hold back, I still finished this comic with such a big grin on my face that I have to recommend it to everyone and give it 5 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

Adventure Time #1
by Jaz

Every single person I know took one look at Adventure Time and fell in love. For me, I wasn’t convinced. But, the show made quick work of me and I have fallen deeply for everything in the Land of Ooo. I nearly fainted when I saw that the powers that be were making an AT comic. After picking myself off the floor I read every single millimeter of this book from cover to cover. It encompasses everything I love about the show. The witty yet weird banter between Finn and Jake is everywhere. You even get a little side story at the end with Princess Bubblegum and Tree Trunks! There is nothing more adorable or simply awesome than this comic. There are a lot of extras that make this comic great. For instance, when you read the book, look at the little print at the bottom of some of the pages. There’s so much depth to this little book. It’s literally Easter egg after Easter egg and I will follow this book to the end. No doubt this is 5 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

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