Love Of Comic Books Bring Couple Together!


Who says “Preacher” wasn’t a romantic comic?

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the View News posted the story of Las Vegas comic shop owner Ralph Mathieu and wife Katharine Keller, who recount how they met through their love of comics. You want romance? Check this: he proposed to his wife through the letter pages of Garth Ennis’ “Preacher!” Awwwww!

It’s a totally heartwarming read, so check it out. They don’t have many letters pages in most comics these days, so how would you propose to your sweetheart?

Check out the full story:

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I was born in Cleveland and raised in Los Angeles. Grew up with my face in a comic book and my head in the clouds. I have made many life decisions based on what would certain comic book or movie characters would do… this includes joining the United States Marines, getting into fights, starting random businesses and living in Japan for awhile. Some good decisions some bad, but all worth it.


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  1. I love this story!!! I still tear up every time I read it since the first time a year ago. Also that shop is amazing!!!