99 Days: A Graphic Mystery


Our awesome friends at Vertigo Comics sent us the newest installment from their crime division, 99 Days. This book follows detectives Boyd and Torres, who are working to catch the elusive “Machete Murderer.” The story is set in South Central, Los Angeles where a young woman is killed in her home. The murders incite a new gang war between Bloods and Crips, causing a huge media up roar. The book also follows the heart-wrenching story about Detective Boyd’s childhood growing up in Rwanda and his struggle to overcome the emotional scars he developed. Before reading this book I found myself really wanting a good cop drama/murder mystery to read and 99 days totally delivers. I love the multidimensional aspect of the book. It was a very quick read, which is a nice break from the long universe-altering stories that are currently being spoon-fed to the masses.

The book jumps between the case the detectives are working, the memories of Detective Boyd, the weird flirty relationship between Boyd and Torres, and the racism and stereotypes they confront everyday. It was almost like watching Law and Order: South Central. As a matter of fact, 99 Days would have made a fantastic movie or TV show.

However, there are some negatives. The ending seems to arrive almost too quickly. One moment you are reading the story and then – boom – it turns into a landslide of conclusion.

99 Days cover
99 Days Staring: Denzel Washington "knowwhatimsayin"

Also, it seems that they tried to shove far too many different agendas into 179 pages of comic.  You might need to be multilingual to read certain parts of the book that are in English, Spanish, and Ebonics.  Let me just say, as someone who was born and raised in South Central, Los Angeles, no one says “knowwhati’msayin” anywhere near as much as the stereotypical ‘black’ characters in this story.

Overall, 99 Days gets the Nerdlocker seal of approval. It’s a good story that draws you in and wraps itself up quickly. If you like drama, crime novels, or blacksploitation, this is the book for you.

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