Comic Book Review: Five Weapons #6


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Five weapons #6
Written By: Jimmie Robinson
Art By: Jimmie Robinson
Published by: Image Comics/ Shadowline Production
Publication Date: January 29, 2014
Five Weapons #6 is how a jumping on point should be done. The sixth issue of this story is a continuation of the five issue mini-series written and illustrated by Jimmie Robinson. The story follows the adventures of a servant boy (lowest rung of society) attending a school strictly for assassins (the top tier of society in this world). What makes Five Weapons truly unique is that Robinson has struck a perfect balance between all ages content and mature themes such as class warfare and geopolitical tensions. This is a book I can enjoy and read to my kids without feeling guilty.

The writing continues to impress me with tonal shifts in the dialogue that are swift yet not forced. I especially like that the previous story arc was referenced in an organic way that was not at all heavy handed, which is something that many writers could learn from. Each character has their own voice and personality that make them all pieces in a larger puzzle and make the reader want to know more about them. Five Weapons is able to focus on its wide cast and still tell an engaging episodic story. I am very glad this story was able to continue.

Jimmie Robinson’s art style also compliments the all ages approach while maintaining a certain level of maturity. The colors and character designs almost hide some of the more violent consequences of a life as an assassin like missing eyes or other injuries. Even the uniforms show a certain level of class distinction. What makes this art especially gripping is that the cast is diverse not only in ethnicity but also in gender and body type. This book shows us the true colors of America which is a dose of reality that the comics industry desperately needs.

Five Weapons is a book you should be reading not just for a fun yet deep story but also for the beautiful art. This issue is a great place to start but if you want to know more about the lore in this story definitely pick up the first trade, you won’t be disappointed.

I’m giving Five Weapons # 6, 5 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

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