New TMNT – The Turtles Go Back to Their Roots


A new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic has come out, and being a BIG Ninja Turtles fan, I went and picked it up. I was glad to find that it was a reboot rather than a continuation, since the original comic book got pretty nuts with its story line. Now before I continue I have to warn you this will have SPOILERS of the current comic and of the past one so BE WARNED.
Now that you have been warned, let’s dive into this bad boy. The new Ninja Turtles, obviously, still has all the same characters (the Turtles, Splinter, April, and Casey). The good thing is they are bringing April back to being a lab assistant. The bad thing is that the Turtles are now a lab experiment that she was part of. I understand that since this is a reboot they want to start out on a fresh foot and try something new, but the problem I see arising from this is the fact that now they will have a history with her that will seem a little more motherly than being companion-based. With the current set up of having April O’Neal saving them, it will put an interesting twist on the story. It also brings up the question of why do they live in sewers if she saved them? If they write it in the way it seems to be developing, the dynamic between April and the turtles would be drastically different than in the past comics. No longer would she be able to be just a friend on the outside, now she would be a family member on the outside.
The next interesting thing is Casey Jones’ introduction. In the original comics it comes from Casey and Raph getting into a fight, but in the new comic Raph actually saves Casey from being beat up by his father. It doesn’t show what happens during the fight or after it yet, but the main responses that are most likely are either Casey will get pissed at having to be saved, or he will look up to Raph. The one I hope they go with is Casey getting pissed because that ties so well with his ego in the past comics and is the only way to be able to keep the competitive tension that they have throughout. Granted, this is a reboot so they can do whatever they like but considering that Kevin Eastman said they want to keep a lot of the characters personalities the same, I say it’s a fair bet that this is what they will do.
Finally on the topic of it being a reboot, at first I wanted to get defensive because they were changing the origin story of the turtles, which feels like some sort of sin to me. But with more thought I feel that a reboot was the best option. If you followed the original comics at all you know that some crazy stuff happens like Leonardo becoming a cyborg and Raphael becoming the leader of the foot clan. Needless to say forgetting these things happened seems like a breath of fresh air to me. As the series goes forward we can only hope for the best since it does have one of the original two creators writing it, Kevin Eastman, and he should know how to continue the feel of it. Oh and on a final note, they completely get rid of cowabungas and pizza time dudes. Thank god.

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