Jasper’s Comics in Review: G.I. Joe: Home Front and G.I. Joe: Special Missions!



G.I. Joe: Special Missions #6
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artist: Will Rosado
Colorist: Aburtov & Grafikslava
Cover Artist: Paul Gulacy
Publisher: IDW Publishing
On Sale Date: August 14, 2013

Not only do we have a mission going on in the newest issue of G.I. Joe: Special Missions, but we also have a somewhat origins story. As G.I. Joe members Roadblock and Spirit go on reconnaissance to search for their missing brothers in arms, we learn a little bit from the captor that has Beachhead, Hard Drive and Tripwire as his P.O.W.’s.

As long as we kids of the eighties have watched one of the most beloved cartoons of the decade, never did I recall a back story behind the face changing Zartan. Chuck Dixon’s story is good, as he shines light on Zartan, the leader of the Dreadnoughts, biker gang of the notorious terrorist organization Cobra.

Similarly, Will Rosado does a good job on the art work and the way Aburtov and Grafikslava put in the details with the lighting and shadowing of the characters, surroundings and background is superb! Even the panel where Zartan remembering his past has a great hazing effect that makes the flashback as eerie as possible.

The issue is a good way to highlight one of Cobra’s most memorable characters and I think you’ll like this comic and the story it’s setting up.

I’m giving G.I. Joe: Missions #6, a 3 out of 5 Nerdskulls.



G.I. Joe: Homefront (TP)
Writer: Fred Van Lente
Artist: Steve Kurth
Publisher: IDW Publishing
On Sale Date: August 14, 2013

The first issue of G.I. Joe: Home Front feels like a nod to the original series as Fred Van Lente puts a more serious real life tone to what the previous comics have done in the past. We start off in the issue thrust into a battle with members of the elite anti-terrorist group, G.I. Joe against long time enemy Cobra. Just as quickly, we are put into a flashback with a briefing between General Colton and Duke.

The two discuss how the Joes have become main stream and how the operatives they are putting together are equipped to handle the worst of the worst. We even see a funny interaction with how their code names are for the overall population as they have become more of a pop culture and that they have become so popular that they’re having their own toys. (This was a nice gesture to their original action figure origins.)

Further into the comic we get to meet the group which was put together by Duke. We are also treated to another funny moment when Shipwreck argues with Duke on how he dislikes his code name, Shipwreck. Yet another terrific moment with a more comedic aspect of this book. As we get to know more about each individual and have more humorous conversations between each member, one thing that I always enjoy about the G.I. Joe series particularly from IDW is the artwork!

Between Steve Kurth, the talented inkers and colorists they bring together an overall body of work that complements the writing and showcases the action sequences very well. Fans of G.I. Joe will like what this book has to offer as it is a nice way to start of a new series on our beloved combat heroes.

I’m giving G.I. Joe: Homefront (TP), a 4 out of 5 Nerdskulls!

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