Nerdlocker Comics in Review: Quantum and Woody #2 and Godzilla – Ruler of the Earth #2!



Quantum and Woody #2
Writer: Asmus, James
Artist: Fowler, Tom
Cover Artist: Sook, Ryan
Published by Valiant Entertainment
Review Written by Jimmy Palmquist

What can I say? I love Quantum and Woody! I was lucky enough to speak to the current writer of the rebooted series, James Asmus, at San Diego Comic-Con this year (you can read that interview here). He is amazingly talented and reassured me that my favorite characters are in good hands. But talk is cheap, so I had to read issue two to make sure Mr. Asmus kept up his end of the bargain. Not only did he, but he exceeded my expectations.
The original series of this book was amazing. I was slightly disappointed by some of the changes made in the origin story for Woody and Eric Henderson, but the first issue was definitely entertaining. Now this entry completely knocked my socks off! I was thrilled at the telling of Quantum and his superhero persona while Woody opted out due to taste issues. Their constant bickering is hilarious, yet we know they have a fundamental brotherly love for each other, with an even stronger love of their father.
Enter some crazy ass scenarios involving twin brothers (think Basket Case) and high level science! Holy crap did this story take a turn from two brothers on the run looking for answers in their father’s death to a crazy science fiction action comedy! Odd as it sounds, this makes the book a must read. The humor is perfect. The drama is on point. And most importantly the story is extremely entertaining. If you’re not reading this book, I highly recommend you start now while it’s still in its early stages.

I give Quantum and Woody #2, 5 out of 5 Nerd Skulls



Godzilla – Rulers of the Earth #2
Writer: Mowry, Chris
Artist: Frank, Matt
Cover Artist: Frank, Matt
Published by IDW Publishing
Review Written by Jasper Gonzales

What can you say about the second issue of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. Other than it is an all out slugfest! I was surprised when I realized that the 1998 movie adaptation of Godzilla was brought into the Godzilla comic franchise. With Kaiju monsters like Rodan and giant butterfly Mothra, it was interesting to pit Zilla and Godzilla against each other.

Matt Frank just does a terrific job with the art in this, panel upon panel of these two just going at each other. That is what this issue is all about is just an all out war between them. If you’re a fan of crazy destruction this is your book. The story itself is minimal as Chris Mowry brings together Lucy and the team that will research the Kaiju’s.

Don’t expect anything deep in the story. There is very little that progresses in the comic and even the cryptic reveal just leave you hanging. The only thing that makes you wanting more is the anticipation for the next Kaiju fight. Just know that this is just an action packed comic that represents the aggression that two of the toughest monsters in cinematic history can offer, and hope the next issue is just as great!

I’m giving Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #2, 3 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

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