Nerdlocker Comic Book Review – Harbinger #11



Harbinger #11: Harbinger Wars
Writer: Dysart, Joshua D. M.
Artist: Evans, Khari
Cover Artist: Evans, Khari
On Sale Date: April 10, 2013
Publisher: Valiant Entertainment

It’s interesting how Harbinger Wars starts off. Valiant shows you a chart description of key players within the 1st page, which I had to keep in mind that both Bloodshot and Harbinger were just re-launched in 2012. So the introduction plays good to people who are not familiar with the characters. Going into the story we’re shown a briefing with representatives of the Rising Spirit and the NSA to go over an unsanctioned black ops mission conducted by Psiots (Genetically created super-humans) in China after a deal with the Rising Spirit and the Chinese government goes horribly wrong. The Psiots have to clean the mess up while debating their existence within the origination. . While that is going on Bloodshot confronts the Harbingers while on his way to attempt to free the Psiots from Harada and Rising Spirits due to his guilt for previous reasons between himself and the Psiots. Soon after we see a more complex explanation between the roles of Harbinger and Toyo Harada. The writing in this keeps you intrigued more on the history and revelations of the characters tie-ins, while artwork done by both Claytons is so beautifully done during the flash back sequences in the panels that you forget you’re looking at a comic book. This first attempt at a major story arc within in the re-launched franchise players by Valiant just makes you wanting more. With that said I’m giving issue one of Harbinger Wars 4 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

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