Nerdlocker Comic Book Review – The Mercenary Sea #1

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The Mercenary Sea #1
Written By: Kel Symons
Art By: Mathew Reynolds
Published By: Image Comics
Publication Date: February 12, 2014

The Mercenary Sea is one of the best looking books out there. I’m normally not into stories set in the 1930’s but this story pulled me in from page one. It’s set in South East Asia and follows a group of mercenary treasure hunters trying to find the next job. What’s endearing about this group is their interactions with the captain and other crew members. The diversity of the crew members is also noteworthy. They are all from different places and aren’t all men which makes for a far more interesting dynamic.

The writing in this title is very good. Each character seems to say just enough to keep the story going but never more than they need to. The telling of backstory is also done in a believable way so as not to seem forced or boring. The back stories of the character makes them feel complete and fleshed out. There was also a good amount of humor throughout. Normally I mention the writing first but the art in this book holds a special place in my heart. Matthew Reynolds’s choice to not have any outlines in certain panels and let the colors separate from the images is breathtaking. Also the use of main color pallet for pages at a time really shows a contrast in the tone and mood of the story.  If this level of quality is to be expected from this book, Matthew Reynolds will be on the short list for my favorite artist this year.

The Mercenary Sea is a book I didn’t know I wanted. Based on Kel Symons body of work this will be the second book of his I’ll be reading alongside I Love Trouble. If you want to show someone how a comic book with zero superheroes is engaging, read this book.

I’m giving The Mercenary Sea #1, 5 out of 5 NerdSkulls

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