Kit’s Comics In Review – Let’s Play God and Ghost!


Let’s Play God #1
Writer: Brea and Zane Grant
Artist: Eric J.
Publisher: IDW
Brea and Zane Grant also did the series We Will Bury You, and they are back with a new series called Let’s Play God. This issue is the first in the series and it has not done a very good job of grasping my attention. Mel, Kira, and Billy are in a band called Doomed Earth, and one night after band rehearsal Mel witnesses a murder and catches Billy at the scene. Mel has no idea whether to trust her bandmate and friend, and notices Billy has been acting a little weird. The issue ends with Billy at Mel’s doorstep, saying that she needs to talk to Mel. There are not many clues in this issue, and as a reader there was not a lot of interest to keep me reading. I’m hoping the series gets some excitement within the next few releases. I am interested about these tattooed bandmates and seeing where this murder leads us. The art was not enough to save the writing; we’ll have to see how the next issues go. For now, this issue is a two out of five Nerdskulls.


Ghost #1
Writer: Kelly Sue Deconnick
Artist: Phil Noto
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
This issue is In the Smoke and Din; a one of four series. Tommy and Vaughn bought a mysterious box from a stranger, only to release a supernatural woman. She often compares herself to Athena and she is desperate to find out who she is and where she came from. I love the art in this issue and the use of highlighting. When the mysterious woman turns into her warrior form, she looks like she is glowing off of the page. This issue left a lot of questions about the woman and what is controlling her powers, but I am very eager to see her life unfold and discover her past. The writing and sequential art from panel to panel flows very nicely, and I adore how light sources are depicted in this issue. Story wise, I cannot wait to see what happens and what other supernatural beings come into play. Five out of five Nerdskulls!

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