Kit’s Comics In Review – Mind MGMT and Star Wars Legacy!



Mind MGMT #9
Writer and Artist: Matt Kindt
Publisher: Dark Horse
Just about any comic I have read that has to do with government conspiracy or control has been a success. The writing is strong and it keeps people interested with the mystery of what the government is hiding or trying to accomplish. In this series, Mind MGMT is a government agency whom recruits people with abilities and turns them into agents. Issue #9 follows Lyme in his progress of recruiting Dusty before Mind MGMT does. I do not know a ton about this series, but I really enjoyed reading issue nine. The issue had a very unique panel layout, allowing it to tell the story in an interesting way. I thought it was really cool seeing Dusty’s life played out by his song titles, really connecting his musician life to the character.
Art wise, Matt Kindt did a beautiful job of controlling the watercolors and making it appealing. Some artists take watercolor to the extreme and it can look messy or overdone. Matt was able to use the watercolors in a way that looks organic, but not unfinished. He also made specific choices of his earth-toned color palette, which is appealing to the eyes and kept me reading.
I’ve only heard good things about Mind MGMT and reading this issue confirmed it for me. I will be picking up the trade of this one for sure! I am giving Mind MGMT 4 out of 5 Nerdskulls.


Star Wars Legacy #1
Writer: Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman
Artist: Gabriel Hardman
Publisher: Dark Horse
With the front cover sporting an adventurous sentence: “She’s carrying on Han and Leia’s Legacy – And taking on the galaxy… SOLO!”, I felt my inner kid screaming in excitement to get reading. Turning the page, I got an update on this Star Wars Legacy; this story is taking place 138 years after Episode IV, and Luke has unified the Jedi Order. Let the intergalactic adventure begin!
Ania Solo (whom I am assuming is Han and Leia’s daughter, even though it hasn’t been blatantly stated) is running a junkyard with her Mon Calamari friend and stumbles upon Master Val’s lightsaber, all thanks to a communication droid. This first issue is just like any other first issue of a comic, it gave me the run-down of what was happening in the galaxy and introduced me to a handful of characters. The art style is well defined throughout, and it is definitely Star Wars. My favorite panel is when Ania finds the lightsaber; Hardman’s use of light and color work are shown best here. The action sequences are well rendered and fast paced as well. There was a nice twist at the end of the comic, although I was suspicious of it about half-way through. Overall, I enjoyed reading it and getting some more Star Wars in my life.
There’s something about Star Wars that is just beautifully nostalgic. Taking you on adventures in a galaxy far, far away while listening to the undoubtedly recognizable theme song, it is unforgettable. Whether you grew up with the first released movie in the late 70s or Episode I in the late 90s, it is a series that has stuck around, and will continue to, for generations to come. I give Star Wars Legacy #1 4.5 out 5 of Nerdskulls.

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