Kit’s Comics In Review – The High Ways and Change!



The High Ways #3
Writer and Artist: John Byrne
Colorist: Leonard O’Grady
Publisher: IDW
I am not really sure what I just read. Thrown in the middle of a ship and its crew being captured, I had no idea what was happening or why. The reason they were captured is never made clear in the entire issue. In the middle of the issue the reader is jumped to a scene with troops in the midst of battle; again, with no explanation. The characters are really flat and this just seems like any mediocre space-odyssey I could pick up. Dr. K calls everyone “my dear” too often and it’s weird. “What the fust?” was also mentioned and it felt out of place. It reminded me of how awkward it was hearing Battlestar Galactica scream “frack” out of my TV screen.
Reading my other reviews, you know art is a huge part of a series for me. If the story isn’t keeping me interested, it can be a make or break it point for reading a comic. The art fell flat; the color scheme and style reminisced The Magic School Bus. Not to mention the yellow panel borders and “star” dotted background is distracting. It was hard for me to read the issue with panels screaming at me and bright, white dots moving in the background.
The High Ways is a no-go from me. Sorry, IDW! I may try and give this series a chance as a whole, but issue #3 did not interest me in the slightest; 1 out of 5 Nerdskulls.



Change #4
Writer: Ales Kot
Artist: Morgan Jeske
Publisher: Image
This week I picked some strange comics to read. Not as bad as The High Ways, but with Change I’m still not sure what I read. A guy with a tumor in the shape of another head attached to his body (think Professor Quirrell of Harry Potter), whom is having surreal experiences (and dying?), and a giant alien butt “pfhoort”-ing people out of it; this comic is one of the strangest I have ever picked up. I don’t hate it, I just don’t know what the hell is going on. And I forgot to mention the talking alligator in a suit and weird cloaked people lurking around him.
I’m catching the tail end of this series; this is the last issue in the four-part comic and I should have started at the beginning just to review this issue. The art isn’t terrible, I like the organic and chaotic qualities Morgan Jeske put to work. It’s a little bizzare and strange, but it works. I love how scenes are spread over pages, rather than panels alone, and the composition of colors are very grounded and earth-toned.
I think this week was just a strange one for me, I picked two really odd comics and I feel dazed and confused. Am I in the Twilight Zone? Giving Change 3.5 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

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