Kit’s Comics In Review – Six Gun Gorilla and Kiss Me Satan!


It has been a busy few weeks for me; school is in session and the Las Vegas Comic Expo is this weekend! It’s nice to be writing another review this week, here are my reviews for Six Gun Gorilla and Kiss Me Satan. Enjoy!




Six Gun Gorilla #4 (of 6)
Writer: Simon Spurrier
Artist: Jeff Stokely
Publisher: Boom Studios
On Sale Date: September 18, 2013

I love technology and seeing how stories incorporate it into the future. Does it help humanity in their every day chores? Or does it take over the lives of poor, unexpecting citizens? In Six Gun Gorilla, people have the opportunity to sell themselves to BlueTech-TV, going on deadly missions but earning a fat check for themselves and their families. The catch is that the mission is broadcasted for everyone to see; the missions can be anywhere, including an extra-dimensional warzone called The Blister.

I love the team-up of Blue and Gorilla; their bickering and character conflict is the perfect set-up for an adventurous issue like this. The art had illustrative qualities to it and reminisced Mignola with its eerie underworld monsters. The story had a few mishaps in it, but I’m sure reading the series as a whole would easily fix that.

The biggest drawback is that curse words were censored. Since the characters were often cursing, it was very distracting and took away from the story. I found myself skipping over the curse substitutes and it became tiresome. The western accent wasn’t consistent throughout and the story lost its accountability.

I am giving Six Gun Gorilla 3 out of 5 Nerdskulls.




Kiss Me Satan #1 (of 5)
Writer: Victor Gischler
Art: Juan Ferreyra
Publisher: Dark Horse

Paranormal and supernatural themes have been a popular topic since Buffy made her big entrance in the 90s, but how do you make your story fresh and striking in 2013? Kiss Me Satan did an outstanding job of keeping werewolves and other ungodly creatures interesting. With Barnabus Black on a mission from God (literally) to protect an oracle and her three daughters from a mob of power hungry werewolves, this first issue held my attention with its remarkable art style and action-packed storyline.

The art style was beautifully rendered and has a gorgeous fine art quality to it. This is more than just a modern, witty story; it displays as an art piece. Each of the characters is distinct and defined, making this eerie series unique and memorable. My favorite panels include the close-up of Jules and the oracle’s face; Juan’s compositions are simply breathtaking.

Saga has my heart, but Kiss Me Satan is in for a close second. This first issue really captured my attention and I hope that five issues isn’t too short lived for this series. It is definitely a mature, spooky comic with gorgeous art and a strong storyline.

I am giving Kiss Me Satan 4 out of 5 Nerdskulls.


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