Kit’s Comics In Review – The Deep Sea and Half Past Danger!


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The Deep Sea
Writers: Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray
Art: Tony Akins
Publisher: Dark Horse
I go through sci-fi waves; I’ll read and watch everything sci-fi for weeks straight, and then leave it alone for a month or two. After seeing Star Trek: Into Darkness this weekend, I’m on another sci-fi kick and diving in head first. The Deep Sea issue caught my eye for its ominous cover, showing five adventurers about to go on a dangerous journey. The cool oceanic monsters in the background were a nice touch as well.
This one-shot follows Paul, an eighty year old, reminiscing on a distant memory of old pals and a journey that took a wrong turn. After breaking his leg, Paul was unable to go on the deep sea dive with his four friends and witnessed them getting sucked into a molten rock pit. Fifty-five years after the incident, Paul is taken to the shipwreck and is shocked by what is discovered. A giant sea monster attacks moments later and the issue abruptly ends once the monster is defeated. I was really irked with this having a cliffhanger ending since it’s supposed to be a one-shot. I am crossing my fingers in hopes that Dark Horse will release another issue after they test run this one, but as a reader I am highly disappointed this didn’t have a proper ending.
I loved that this story had classic science-fiction elements and reminded me of watching Jaws for the first time. There was suspense and excitement, but the sharp ending felt rushed and unneeded. I would have much rather read it as a full one shot than a test run. With Regular Show being a two-parter and now The Deep Sea, I hope this isn’t a theme for me. I enjoyed The Deep Sea, but now I anticipate a possible second issue. I am giving this one-shot 3 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

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Half Past Danger
Writer and Artist: Stephen Mooney
Publisher: IDW
I picked two awesome comics to review this week! My adventure-seeking ambitions have been fulfilled with Half Past Danger. Issue one starts off in the South Pacific in 1943 following Sergeant Flynn and his regiment. As they come across a Japanese encampment, Flynn’s attachment decides to take a detour, walks straight into dinosaur territory, and are promptly dismembered. Dinosaurs in 1943? I smell some science-fiction elements brewing! Flynn is the only survivor and is later confronted by two British officers. I have a feeling they are involved with the dinosaurs, but I guess I’ll find out when issue two is published.
This comic was created, written, and drawn by Stephen Mooney, and I think that Mooney did an awesome job with this being a one man show. The comic has an overall earthy tone, but all of the action panels have bright, warm colors; which is a beautiful contrast. It definitely has the Indiana Jones adventure feel to it and I really enjoyed the high stakes and action portrayed throughout the issue. The bar fight near the end of the issue was spread over the panels cleanly and boldly; I could see this being portrayed as a classic action movie.
Mooney did his research and I could definitely see that in the overall style of the issue. Mooney did an excellent job of making the movement in this piece deliberate and decisive, there weren’t any unnecessary panels. Kudos to you Stephen for doing this comic by yourself with only one editor for oversight. I am giving Half Past Danger 4 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

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