Kit’s Comics In Review – Albert Einstein: Time Mason and Zombie Spotlight



Albert Einstein: Time Mason
Story and Art: Tony Donley
Script: Marcus Perry

We all associate Mr. Einstein with being a scientific genius, but what if he was a bad-ass, time traveling agent instead? Tony Donley answers this question with Albert Einstein: Time Mason, where Albert must travel to the year 2214 to retrieve his brain from a mad dwarf scientist. Filled with action, witty science commentary, and an interesting plotline, reading the Time Mason was quiet enjoyable.

When time travel is the topic of a story, we usually relate it to the time-wimey universe of Doctor Who. Seeing a fresh story with a new light on an old scientist made this issue fresh and unique. Even though the story ends with the infamous “To Be Continued…” slogan, I felt satisfied with the story and I look forward to Albert’s next adventure. Why was his brain being held captive in the first place? How will he deal with meeting his future self? I hope these questions are answered in the near future. The vintage washes and color choices were pleasing to the eye. As you all know I love when a modern take on an old classic is executed well.

Tony also left a nice surprise at the end of the issue for readers, the first Albert Einstein: Time Mason that he created. Having more of Albert’s time traveling backstory was a nice touch, great work Tony!

I am giving this issue 4.5 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

You can follow the Albert Einstein: Time Mason facebook here and the Kickstarter here.



Zombie Spotlight #1
Artist: Tony Donley
Writers: Jerry Morrissette and Tony Donley

Zombies are a really hot topic right now and with my obsession of The Last of Us on the rise, I wanted to read Tony’s Zombie Spotlight #1. This issue is compiled of three short stories, similar to Eerie (read that review here). I love story-compiled issues, especially when they are done correctly. Each story in Zombie Spotlight was exciting and captivating and it was awesome to read three short stories that didn’t feel short lived.

Tony takes an interesting spin on each of the stories and my favorite would have to be “Date Night with Dehlia”. This short story takes place from a first-person point of view and it felt very similar to a video game. I’ve never seen that done in a story before, and reading “Date Night” as if I were playing a game was a really cool experience as a reader. It reminded me of the B movie Aaah! Zombies!! which made it even more memorable.

With both comic issues, Tony has a talent for creating out of the box plotlines and making old classics exciting. I look forward to seeing more of his work and what other fascinating stories he comes up with.

I am giving Zombie Spotlight 5 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

For more information about Tony’s work, please visit TinyDonkey Studios.

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