Comic Book Reviews – The Walking Dead #94, Batman Beyond Unlimited #1 and more!


The Walking Dead #94

by Bobby

This book is continuously climbing on my affection meter. A few months ago, I complained that the book seemed to be falling off a little. It seemed like more of the writers attention was being lent to the television production of the series. Recently, the comic has been tackling different ideas for the post-apocalyptic title. Not just different but very interesting subjects of survival and self-doubt. These new ideas bring me hope for the coming issues but will it be enough to bring on new readers?

An outsider has been found and imprisoned by the survivors out of fear of a repeat Governor situation. He claims to offer peace between his community and theirs, but Rick is doubtful. He refuses to unleash the ironically named Jesus from his imprisonment until he finds adequate proof of his claims. As always, Rick’s survivors doubt his leadership and hesitation with Jesus but choose to follow him regardless.

In this issue, Rick pulls together a group and they venture out with Jesus (still tied up) to stake out his supposed community. A certain little punk kid gets out of turn and puts the group in a little bit of danger. Jesus has an opportunity to show loyalty and altruism by assisting in defense against the undead. Rick begins to feel a little guilty for keeping the man tied up but chooses to stay firm on the matter. I must admit, I feel just as much doubt as Rick does, if not more, about this shady character. I do want to believe his promises and what he has done to prove himself, especially in this issue, have definitely gone a long way to change my mind. Unfortunately, at this point, I really see Kirkman stretching to surprise the reader. It’s what he has become known for in most of the titles he writes but also something the fans can see coming from a mile away. As always though, the final page makes me salivate for more. At the very least, it will have you wondering what the writer has cooking in that sick head of his.

I feel that the comic will inevitably suffer story-wise as an uncontrollable side effect of the success of the show. I completely understand why Kirkman would want to include himself more in the production because of the opportunities that will be offered to him in the future with that kind of experience. But as a long time reader and a somewhat hesitant watcher of the series, I can see contrasting issues between the two that could make for interesting comparisons later down the
road. Ultimately, this title always has me wanting more so that has got to be a good sign. I’ll give issue #94 3 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

Lord of the Jungle #2

by Jazmin

At face value, this comic is just a picture version of Tarzan. However, once you get in between the covers you will fall for this book. It is definitely a gory version of Tarzan considering we are used to the Disney version. My favorite aspects of this book are the fact that Tarzan is smarter than he has been portrayed before and Jane and company are just slightly different. Cecil Clayton is less arrogant and Jane can wield a revolver. One aspect I don’t like is the art, at times. Every few pages there seems to be an odd reaction face. The next panel however, everything is okay. All in all, I am definitely digging this version of Tarzan. Slowly but surely the are giving us a glimpse of every single character from this universe and I’m very excited for the next issue. I give issue #2 4 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

Batman Beyond Unlimited #1

by Jazmin

I was very apprehensive about this comic because the beginning seems like a campy version of the original Batman Beyond. I think I felt this way because the art is a little bad at times. Characters’ butts are accentuated a little too much and some faces are just a little odd. Overwhelmingly, the art resembled that of the original animated series it spawned from. The more and more into the comic I got, the more I enjoyed it. I liked the relationships that Terry has between his ex-girlfriend, Bruce Maybe, and the Justice League. I think the Justice League made me more excited than getting to see the first villain of this arc. Big things are definitely going to be happening in Gotham City very soon and everyone should be checking this book out. I give it 4 out of 4 Nerdskulls.

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