Nerdlocker Comic Book Review: Unity #2


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Unity #2
Written by: Matt Kindt
Art by: Doug Braithwaite
On Sale Date: December 11, 2013
Publisher: Valiant Entertainment

Just in case you thought Unity was a one trick pony the second issue of this book proves that this title has more surprises in its stable (warning mild spoilers ahead). The story picks up almos immediately were we left off from issue number one, with Toyo Harada outlining a doomsday scenario if Aric of Dacia is not stopped. The stakes in this issue are set higher than the first with Toyo’s team having been decimated at the hands of the Man-O-War armor. Unity #2 fulfills the theme of the book by showing Valiant’s most powerful characters teaming up to stop a world threat, but more importantly it does so in a way that brings a high level of tension to the narrative which is refreshing in a comic book landscape of telegraphed deaths and very little surprises.

Matt Kindt’s dialogue in this issue continues to show a versatility in his characters. With the inclusion of Livewire to the main cast, he is able to fully embody her personality and make her feel organic rather than shoehorned into the mix. Kindt continues to tell this story from the perspective of team unity rather than bouncing back and forth between them and X-O, further illustrating that he is the antagonist in this story. Considering that Aric is Valiant’s flagship character this shows a boldness that is far too often lacking in storytelling today. As a reader who normally doesn’t enjoy team books because their inherent lack of balance when it comes to character spotlight Unity seems to be able to overcome this with not only action scenes but dialogue that feels more like a conversation bouncing around from character to character in context.

The art in Unity has been exceptional from the start of this title and in the current issue doesn’t missed a step. Dough Braithwaite seems to be able to incorporate a deep understanding of physics in his action sequences and it translates on the page to a very easy to follow scene that feels fluid. There were parts were the facial features of some of the characters were a bit distorted in comparison to their appearances in other titles, but as a complete package it works. The visual storytelling in this title makes the reader far more empathetic and involved when the characters are in pain or straining to find that last bit of strength during a battle. I can’t wait to see how far the art in this book can be taken.

Unity #2 is telling a fast paced action packed story that has my attention from start to finish.

I’m giving it 4.5 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

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