Comic Book Review: Black Science #1


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Black Science #1
Written By: Rick Remender                                                            
Art By: Metteo Scalera
Published By: Image Comics

Black Science #1 is the newest Sci-Fi comic by Rick Remender and so far it’s everything I want in a Sci-Fi adventure. It tells a story of a scientist and his family trying to survive an expedition to another dimension similar to his first Captain America arc (which you should also be reading). Make no mistake though this story isn’t self-plagiarism. It’s part Lost In Space and part Flash Gordon, this story has a great potential to tell a science fiction story that is all too rare in the current comic book market. Once Black Science gets its hooks in you it doesn’t let go.

From what I’ve read of Rick Remender he seems to have a love affair with internal monologue using narrator boxes to convey the thoughts and feelings of the central character. This style coming from any other writer would come off as annoying, but Remender is able to do it in such a way that makes the reader feel what the character is feeling on a visceral level. When they succeed you cheer and when they fail your heart becomes heavy. One thing I wasn’t a fan of however was the break neck pace of this first issue. At times I had to re-read certain pages to really get a sense of what some of the characters were trying to convey. I attribute this to first issue setup, but time will tell.

The art in this book is absolutely gorgeous and arresting. Matteo Scalera renders his characters in such a way that even when they are covered head to toe in space suits you can tell male from female character without the suits being overly sexualized. The care in which Scalera crafts the design of the creatures that inhabit the world is also equally impressive yet subtle. The easiest way I can describe his creativity is “sexy catfish stripper”. This art is also enhanced by the changing scenery and backgrounds. The illustrations were so beautiful that at some points I found myself staring at certain panels for a number of minutes.

Black Science #1 is definitely a rare story to come across in today’s comic industry. I enjoyed the book from start to finish and I will be adding it to my pull list. I highly recommend this title and encourage you to pick it up.

I’m giving it 4.5 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

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