Nerdlocker – Archer & Armstrong #0 Preview



I’m not usually a big fan of #0 numbered books because they rarely add anything to the main storyline. Marvel went so far as to “fool” us with a .1 set (sure, it introduces new readers to the next storyline. BULLSHIT!!!) which obviously irritated me even more. I will say though that several of DC’s latest round of #0 (yes a while back but I’m old so let me be) were nice additions to the characters and story.

Anywho, one of my favorite comics at the moment, Archer & Armstrong by Valiant Entertainment is coming out with a zero issue. I have full faith that Mr. Fred Van Lente will entertain me as he has the last several months. I would like to add though, that the A&A team will be battling with my top ranking very soon as Quantum and Woody make their triumphant return in July! For more on that announcement, click here

Check out some the cover art and some preview pages for Archer & Armstrong #0:








What do you think, will Archer & Armstrong #0 be a good read?

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