Motor City Comic Con 2017 – Day 2


Day two started with waiting in line to meet the remarkable Billie Piper of Doctor WhoPenny Dreadful, and Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Only a few minutes late for autographs, I see Miss Piper walking towards us. She looks right at me and says, “I just need to use the toilet” in the sweetest British accent imaginable. I beamed at her polite sincerity. Sure enough, a few minutes later Miss Piper arrived and was as charming as I had hoped, smiling and graciously conversing with her fans. She was a joy when we got to meet her, and I really look forward to her panel on Sunday.

Billie Piper

Saturday is cosplay day. There were some great costumes from my childhood like ET and Nicodemus, several clever gender swapped characters, and some awesome and very authentic looking home made costumes. I talked to the Samurai Stormtrooper who told me he put over 140 hours into his very creative and impressive costume.

The costume contest, on the other hand, was very unimpressive. This wasn’t at all the fault of the cosplayers but rather those running the contest. The contest was supposed to begin at 5:00 and did not begin until after 5:30. Then the process of the contest itself dragged on, as the master of ceremonies took his sweet time introducing each character and allowing them to linger too long on the stage. By 6:30 I had my fill and decided it wasn’t worth sitting through another fifteen or more minutes of prattle to see who won. My money is on either Talon or Iron Man for the individual costumes. I didn’t stay for many of the groups.

Overall, day two was enjoyable because the people I met today while taking pictures of cosplay, asking questions of vendors, and, my favorite, chatting with the beautiful Billie Piper, were all absolutely wonderful! I can’t wait until Family Day on Sunday.

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