I was born in Cleveland and raised in Los Angeles. Grew up with my face in a comic book and my head in the clouds. I have made many life decisions based on what would certain comic book or movie characters would do… this includes joining the United States Marines, getting into fights, starting random businesses and living in Japan for awhile. Some good decisions some bad, but all worth it.

Cosplay Cutie of the Week! Naomi VonKreeps as Marvel Comics

Well you guys have been asking for it and I now you got it. Nerdlocker is proud to bring back our ever popular segment,  Cosplay Cutie of the Week! The hands down best way to start off your Monday. This week’s cutie is named Naomi VonKreeps and hales from Ottawa Canada. This lady gives us yet […]Read More

Batman: Arkham Origins Deathstroke Challenge Pack Gameplay Trailer

Hey nerds just wanted to share some news that was released yesterday from our friends at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It looks like Arkham Origins will feature the Deathstroke challenge pack included in the pre-order. From the video it looks like it will feature 3 different costumes and a butt load of different challenges. The […]Read More

This is the other reason why Grand Theft Auto 5

  The whole world is a buzz over the latest version of Grand Theft Auto 5 with valid reason. The game just set a new record as being the quickest game title to reach 100 BILLION DOLLARS…….I mean 1 BILLION =/ And if you have picked up the game you can totally see why it […]Read More

Cosplay Cutie of the Week! Scooby Doo’s Velma

Every Nerd has always wanted to know what was under that sweater. Sure, Daphne was hot, but Velma…you knew something else was going on behind those coke bottle glasses. This week’s Cosplay Cutie is brought to you by the super sexy Maria Ramos. This girl is so hot I think that might be her super […]Read More