Raised in Las Vegas, I earned my Nerd Degree burying my face in comics since I was a kid. I try to be the best well rounded Nerd I can be. I gained my masters degree in nerdiness by working at Maximum Comics and hosting for Nerdlocker. If having a Doctorate was possible, I'd be aiming for that next.

Nerdlocker Reviews – Red Hood & The Outlaws #1

Brandon – Wow. It’s going to take a lot to match the level of disappointment I felt by the time I got to the end of this issue. Let me start off by saying that Jason Todd may be one of my favorite characters of the last couple years. I thought his coming back from […]Read More

Nerdlocker Reviews – All-Star Western #1

Brandon – All-Star Western has Jonah Hex and Amadeus Arkham hitting the streets of Gotham, trying to track down the Gotham Butcher. So far I’m enjoying this storyline. The dynamic between Hex and Arkham is definitely that of an odd couple. Amadeus is constantly breaking down Jonah’s personality and trying to figure out what makes […]Read More

Nerdlocker Reviews – Nightwing #1

Brandon – It’s been a while, but it looks like Dick Grayson is back where he belongs. And he couldn’t be happier. Sounds like he’s learned a lot from his time under the cape and cowl of Batman, but he’s been missing the comfort zone that is Nightwing. To be honest, I kind of missed […]Read More

Nerdlocker Reviews – Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #1

Brandon – As much as I’ve always been a fan of the mainstream superheroes, sometimes the offbeat ‘B’ list heroes are where it’s at. This is the case with Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. Like a lot of the new 52 titles, this one seems to take place earlier than current continuity (just an assumption I’ve […]Read More

Nerdlocker Reviews – Batman #1

Brandon – After reading his Detective run with Dick as Batman, I was interested in seeing what writer Scott Snyder does with Bruce. Holy exceeded expectations, nerds! This. Book. RULED! Batman is back with all sorts of new gadgets and technology, and Bruce Wayne is out to change Gotham for the better. This book starts […]Read More

Nerdlocker Reviews – Batman & Robin #1

Brandon – Going into DC’s New 52 I was nervous about a lot of the titles. What was going to change? Was history I’ve invested myself in (both emotionally and financially) going to change? All questions aside, Batman & Robin delivers. Bruce Wayne is back as The Batman of Gotham, and Robin is none other […]Read More

Straw Dogs Movie Review

Straw Dogs stars James Marsden (X-Men) and Kate Bosworth (Superman Returns) as a writer and actress. Heading back to her home town for some rest and relaxation while he must finish his next screenplay. Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood) plays the ex-football star hometown hero, Bosworth’s ex-boyfriend, and leader of the ‘straw dogs’. Finishing up the […]Read More

The Guard Movie Review

The Guard stars Brendan Gleeson (Gangs of New York, In Bruges) as an Irish cop who’s not exactly crooked, but not quite what would pass as one who does his job by the book. When wind of an international drug-smuggling job is caught, Don Cheadle (Iron Man 2, Crash) is introduced as an uptight FBI […]Read More

Fright Night Movie Review!

Remakes can be a weird subject for me. Sometimes they’re better than the original, other times I feel they’re unnecessary. Once in a while I watch one, and can really appreciate both. This was the case with Fright Night. This version of Fright Night was more serious than its predecessor, but still included plenty of […]Read More

Triforce Tuesday Gang Sign In The Wild!

We recently spotted the Triforce Tuesday gang sign being thrown up in the wild and wanted to spotlight it on! If you have a picture of yourself and some friends throwing it up, send it to to be included on the site! Keep reppin’ Hyrule, yo!Read More