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Nerdlocker Comic Reviews 9/19/2012

Justice League #0 Written by Geoff Johns Art by Gary Frank In this 0 issue of Justice League, we see the back-up that’s been going on since the new 52 started take center stage. In issue 12 of this title, we finally got to see little Billy Batson shows some real heart with his actions […]Read More

Witch Doctor Volume 2: Mal Practice Coming In November

Last Year, Image prescribed us with a new and incredible title under its reign, Witch Doctor. The series created under the Skybound imprint was an instant success and thus earned a permanent spot on my pull list. The story follows Dr. Vincent Morrow. The nonconformist doctor specializing in supernatural medicine has a unique way of […]Read More

Invincible: The Death Of…Everyone?

We have been getting teasers all week as to the upcoming event in the pages of Invincible. It seems Image and Robert Kirkman are shouting from the roof tops that someone will certainly die but what will lead up to it is sure to be a powerfully violent fight with the majority of the characters […]Read More

Movie Review: The Campaign

When you think of a Will Ferrell film nowadays, you don’t always think of his best works, like Old School or Talladega Nights. You think of the more heart-wrenching tales of his demise like Stranger Than Fiction or Everything Must Go. I would even say that the general populace has forgotten his originals and forgotten […]Read More

Movie Review – The Amazing Spider-Man

With so many renditions of the classic web-slinger floating around, it can get a little confusing, if not frustrating. Experiencing the growth of Peter Parker in two forms can be sort of fun, though; in a completely Nerdy way, of course. Whether it be the comics or the films you love, this year’s The Amazing […]Read More

Movie Review – Ted

It doesn’t take much for Seth MacFarlane to steal our attention. He has proven that with over 10 years worth of animated situational comedy. We have watched three different families deal with every single awkward, violent, and overly-sexual issue you can think of. That’s not all, though. The man has had his hands in animated […]Read More

Movie Review – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

There is a story we have all wanted to see hit the big screen. A story so riddled with bravery, adversity, and triumph that it has intimidated many storytellers from even attempting to write such a tale; that is, until Seth Grahame-Smith took on the task of writing one of the most inter-historical epistolary novels […]Read More

Nerdlocker Artist Interview: Jason Chan!

A few years ago while tirelessly scouring the internet at what must have been two or three in the morning, I came across a very unique piece of art. The image of children fighting off other undead children on a playground would stay with me and in my nightmares for some time. We all know […]Read More

Preview Of Revival In Walking Dead #99

This morning we got a sneak peak at whats the come in Walking Dead issue #99. Unfortunately, it wasn’t any spoilers as far as the storyline but we do get the scoop on a new series coming to Image by Tim Seeley and Mike Norton. Check out the press release below: The upcoming Image Comics […]Read More

First Shot Of Michonne From The Walking Dead

We got the shortest glimpse of Michonne at the end of season 2 of AMC’s The Walking Dead. We didn’t even get to see her face and rumor has it, that wasn’t even Danai Gurira donning the hood and katanas. They casted her after the second season had wrapped. Now we got a leaked image […]Read More

Marvel Announces Northstar Engagement

Things are changing in comic books every single day. Heroes lose their powers, switch sides, and even die all the time. As a result, some could say the impact from these type of events has gotten diluted heavily. I can agree on some points but if there’s one thing the comic industry has been able […]Read More

Avengers vs. X-Men, Adventure Time, Hardcore and More Comic Book

Hardcore #1 Review by Bobby D. Hardcore was the Top Cow Pilot Season winner from two years ago and Nerdlocker has been patiently waiting for more from this sci-fi thriller ever since. If you don’t know, Pilot Season comes out every year. It basically puts out a grip of new creative story ideas as one-shots […]Read More

Movie Review – Dark Shadows

There are many reasons a movie would grab my initial attention. Superhero movies, bromance comedies, sci-fi blockbusters; these will always grab my interest. A movie about a vampire trying to revive his family name in the 1970s is definitely not something I would see myself enjoying. Regardless of my doubts on the concept, when watching […]Read More

Free Comic Book Shop Crawl 2012

The Nerdlocker Free Comic Book Day Comic Shop Crawl, otherwise known as NFCBDCSC, was a nerdtastic geekstravaganza! We saw a Jedi, Spider-man, and even Lady Thor (Valkyrie?) throughout our adventure. We laughed, we — read comics, but most importantly, we didn’t steal comics from any kids this year. We did get plenty of photos though. […]Read More

Spawn Has A Cute Side

It was just last month that Chris Giarrusso announced that he would be doing special “Cute” versions of the most loved Image Comics characters. We saw the ever-so awesome Walking Dead cover shown on April Fools Day, but thankfully, Mr. Giarrusso had much more in store for us. Chris Giarrusso is mostly know for his […]Read More

Free Comic Book Day 2012!

Tomorrow is the 11th-annual Free Comic Book Day and the events are aplenty. With all the stuff going on, we thought it might be helpful to do a breakdown of the Las Vegas happenings to choose from but really, who needs to choose? This is a nearly all-day event so you can make your rounds […]Read More