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MondoCon 2017 featured a diverse array of beautiful limited edition screen printed posters by talented artists from all around the world. I could’ve easily picked up a few things at each booth had I not long ago mastered the art of self control and developed extremely discerning taste (two traits one must have to survive as a collector in this bloodsucking hobby).

I didn’t buy a ton of stuff at MondoCon 2017, but I really like what I did pick up. I stayed within my budget and left with some great additions to the collection. Check out my haul aka my favorite prints of MondoCon 2017:

I have to start this off with Matthew Woodson aka Ghostco‘s 2001: A Space Odyssey poster because it’s the only poster that I knew I had to have going into the con. I knew that if I was able to grab one, then everything else would be gravy (really tasty gravy). Even though I have some fantastic 2001 posters already (Kilian Eng’s 2001 poster is probably my favorite print of all-time), this one has the makings of an all-timer. Folks who know me know that 2001 is one of my all-time favorite movies and purple is my favorite color. The inks on this look sharp and the shiny paper that gives the monolith it’s ultra black appearance is a killer touch. Thrilled to pick this one up; it’s cool that it ended up being print of the con too.

Right up there with Woodson’s 2001 is João Ruas‘ incredible Jiro print for my favorite Akira Kurosawa movie, Ran. I wrote an article with a brief interview about this print, and I picked up a Taro (the larger yellow version) earlier this year on the drop. The bright red on Jiro makes an already striking image even more-so, and the poster called out to me from across the con floor, hoisted up in the corner of the Black Dragon Press booth like a war banner. It didn’t take long for me to pounce on it. Glad I did, there were only three to begin with and the other 2 were snatched up with the quickness. Cheers to BDP. This is a real piece of art.

When Kevin Tong‘s 2001: A Space Odyssey was revealed, I wasn’t sure if I preferred the bright colors of the regular edition or the luminous look of the foil variant. I leaned towards the variant; although I’m not usually crazy about prints on foil, I thought it was fitting here due to the scene portrayed. I recently picked up a regular edition and I like it, but when I saw the variant in person for the first time at Tong’s booth, my initial suspicions were confirmed. The foil looked fantastic! Thankfully, Kevin gave me a good deal on it. (Thanks, man!)

Jock‘s Enter the Dragon poster from the screening at last year’s MondoCon is badass. His new poster in the same style for Bruce Lee’s The Big Boss is even better. I can’t wait to see the rest of this series. (Word on the street is that he’s working on Fist of Fury.) Beautiful type and excellent use of a limited color palette.

I already own a great Craig Drake O-Ren Ishii print, but this one was too good to pass up. Drake’s playing with his style and I like what he’s doing here. Pics don’t do this justice, it looks really slick in person.

Screening Prints– I went to two screenings that came with posters; Ex Machina and Labyrinth.

I was thrilled to see Ex Machina on the big screen again and the added bonus of a Rory Kurtz poster added to the excitement. His extremely detailed depiction of Ava doesn’t disappoint. (Neither did the sound system at Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar.) My original review of the movie holds up.

I’m a big fan of Ise Ananphada‘s movie posters (her posters for The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Princess Bride are perfect) and when I heard she was doing Labyrinth, I thought it was a perfect pairing of artist and property. I was right; while I like Laurent Durieux’s recent take on the film (I picked one up), Ise’s poster does a better job of capturing the movie’s enchanting magic. Bring on The NeverEnding Story.

No MondoCon is complete without a pint glass bearing its name. My favorite of this year’s offerings was Jay Ryan’s A Clockwork Orange-inspired glass. Cheers!

Those are my favorite posters of MondoCon 2017. (What a haul!)

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