Gallery Nucleus, Cyclops Prints, and Pixar Present Incredibles 2 Art Show!


Article written by: Cameron Budde
Pictures by: Brian Marsh

Just when you thought the superhero fatigue was starting to kick in, Pixar and Cyclops Print Works team up and throw a gallery show at Gallery Nucleus for The Incredibles 2. Let me get this off my chest: along with Ratatouille, I think the Incredibles is one of the most underrated Disney movies. Sure people love it, but it doesn’t get the respect Lion King, Toy Story, Monsters Inc, and others get. For years it has seemed like the only print action we’d ever get from them is the Whalen piece. This show proved my assumption was way off.
The event itself was…. spectacular (thought I’d say incredible huh?)! Besides the art itself (which I’ll go over in a minute), the little elves at Cyclops and Nucleus pulled out all the stops. There was concept art for the suits the family wears, along with actual super suits, in the gallery. The refreshments were cookies frosted with the “I” logo that the movie uses, along with alcoholic beverages themed to the movie. Mrs. Cyclops herself, Allie Moreno, was the belle of the ball with her shimmering silver hair and all black outfit, channeling some of that Edna Mode juju that makes the character such a fan favorite. Speaking of Edna, she was in full force, not only in art but in the people who came. I counted at least 7 Edna’s at the event opening, ranging from no more than 12 to 40ish. But enough about the event. Let’s get down to the brass tacks: How was the art?
I won’t keep you in suspense. Cyclops, who is known for quality, really outdid themselves with both the quality of the art and the quality of the printing. I know it’s weird to talk about the quality of printing on something like this, but Cyclops just brings that out in me. If Mrs. Moreno was the belle, Eric Tan was easily the prince. His modern, minimal take on the family and their different personalities is just amazing. Another stand out of the night was Edna herself, being the focus of two of the night’s most popular pieces (no artist is listed at this time for me to give credit to). Lastly, in my humble opinion, the underdog artist of the night was Bryan Mon, an artist I wasn’t familiar with. His pieces were really good, but I focused on his handbill art. There were 5 free handbills for the night, handed to you when you made a purchase. While handbills are really popular anywhere, the art on these mixed with the choice of a metallic paper just nailed it. People were trying to trade to get full sets or even their favorite characters, even more than usual. I know it’s weird to focus on handbill trading at an art show, but it’s a nice reminder that when our community gathers for things like this, it can be a really fun event that goes beyond “limited paper” and the flip.
Wrapping up, Cyclops has really upped their game with this show, and I cannot wait to see what the team comes up with next. I dropped not-too-subtle hints that the next show should be centered around A Goofy Movie (and was told not a chance).

Check out all the art for yourself:

Visit Gallery Nucleus, HERE to purchase any of the original artwork that is still available.

Visit Cyclops Print Works, HERE to purchase any of the prints that are still available.

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