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Nerdlocker Summary

Nerdlocker.com was originally created by its founder Patrick Hayes as a blog in 2007. The website’s sole purpose was to give Patrick a place to rant about his views on comics, TV, movies and other things ‘geeky.’  Since then the website has evolved into something much more than the babblings of one closet comic book junkie. Today, Nerdlocker.com has grown into a full-fledged website and expanded into a weekly online show with a staff of writers, editors and designers that share a passion for all things deemed nerdy. The website’s tag line, “a place for your inner nerd”, has become the mantra behind how Nerdlocker operates. We are a site for nerds by nerds.

Both the website and the show cover news stories and pop culture topics about toys, video games, comics and more. Nerdlocker has quickly built a reputation for being the place to go for your nerd news and reviews. A major factor in building that reputation has been the fact that Nerdlocker believes in delivering a truthful and un-biased opinion of things happening in the nerd world. This style of reporting mixed with our own “Nerdlocker” comedic style of broadcasting has translated into thousands of unique monthly visitors and weekly viewers of our online show. Nerdlocker.com enjoys an average website growth rate of 7% per month and a monthly show audience growth rate of 12% in viewership, both of which are in the all-important 18-34 male demographic.

Nerdlocker is a fun and exciting website with many things to offer both our audience and our partners.

The Nerdlocker Objective

Nerdlocker’s main objectives are to provide our audience with both news and information on things going on in the nerd community from an entertainment perspective.

Nerdlocker Keys to Success

The reason why Nerdlocker succeeds where all others fail is due to the fact that we are different from any other online gadget or comic book website on the internet.

Our staff

Nerdlocker has a staff of writers and videographers around the world. We also have two dedicated business development managers. By having a diversified staff, we ensure that all our bases are covered.


Patrick Hayes, creator of the website, and James Palmquist, creator of the Nerdlocker web series, have years of experience in both online and entertainment industries, working for companies like E! Entertainment, VEGAS.com and professional movie production companies. This gives us an advantage over our competition in that we know what needs to be done in order to put on a good show.

Company Summary

Nerdlocker started in 2007 as a blog that focused on all sorts of topics ranging from movies, comic books and video games. During the fourth quarter of 2010, Nerdlocker utilized a partnership with Package Entertainment to re-launch the brand as a larger media outlet. The site was re-developed and re-launched to include original content and a larger variety of articles.

Nerdlocker is filmed weekly at the Sun Media Productions studio located in Las Vegas, NV. We utilize top of the line video and audio production equipment, as well as the latest Final Cut Studio suite. Nerdlocker.com utilizes a WordPress template and the man-hours of 10 individuals to constantly update the content as well as the user interface and search engine optimization for the site.

In regards to distribution channels our videos are distributed through many outlets including iTunes, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Roku and of course our website, www.nerdlocker.com. Written content on the Nerdlocker.com website is currently being distributed via RSS, Digg.com, Twitter and Facebook.

What We Do

Online Media

Nerdlocker.com is comprised of many different facets that come together to create the Nerdlocker brand. The most important aspect of these endeavors is the dedication to online media. This notion of online media within Nerdlocker can be broken into two discernable ideals, that of the article driven website and that of the weekly web series. By maintaining an online presence in these two capacities, we have created a web presence that can attract advertisers for two different mediums (on our site and on our web show) and two outlets for viewers to enjoy. It is common knowledge that people are different and by providing an editorial medium and a visual medium, we aim to reach individuals in all capacities.

Nerdlocker.com is a content-driven web site that focuses on nerd culture in a witty and entertaining fashion. The site is maintained and managed by the Nerdlocker staff. By running a completely self-contained endeavor such as this, it allows us to experiment with different marketing techniques that have proven to be quite successful. At the forefront of these is the dedication to social media and the notion of new media in general. Facebook/Twitter has proven to replace the RSS Feed in our circumstance and through this outlet we have garnered attention in a short time that would not have been allowed by any other outlet. As we continue to grow our brand, our social media efforts replicate this endeavor.

Nerdlocker is a weekly web series produced, written and directed by the Nerdlocker staff. The goal of the web series is to compliment the articles on the site and speak about topics that we feel passionate about. The show is available as a podcast on iTunes, through YouTube, Roku, DirecTV onDemand, Blip.tv and various other outlets that have picked the show up for regular syndication.

Competitive Landscape

Nerdlocker has entered a scene in which everyone claims to be an expert. Websites cover superhero films as though they are a high art form and comic books have become the screenplays. Indirectly, our competition is every site/blog that covers a facet of nerd-based news at one point or another. Our direct competitors however, are the sites that pinpoint the nerd community and focus on what drives these audience members to purchase tickets to a film, buy a comic book or watch a television show.

Future Plans

We intend to further the branding of Nerdlocker by expanding our site visibility through social media and traditional advertising conventions. As we continue to market ourselves as a viable news source for superhero blockbuster movies, comic book releases, TV show premieres and other happenings in the nerd community, our end goal continues to be the premise of being picked up by a network for a television presence and/or syndicated web series while keeping the integrity of our brand.

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