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Who the hell is Ant-Man? I’ll be honest, I was not an Avengers fan growing up. My team of choice was the X-Men. Ask me about the teams led by Cyclops and/or Storm during the 90s, and I’m full of useless information. On the flip side, ask me anything about the Avengers and I couldn’t even tell you who was on the team. I think my ignorance of the Marvel mainstay though has increased my enjoyment of the movies. I have very little preconceived notions, so whatever stories they focus on, it’s new to me. On the flip side, I’ve been extremely disappointed in several of the X-Men movies to date. Thus back to my original question, who the hell is Ant-Man? Beats me. I know in the comics he’s been portrayed by several characters, most notably the original inventor Hank Pym. I also know Hank Pym created Ultron, but that seems to only be in the comic books as the Avengers: Age of Ultron changes this history.

But the good news is, who cares! Marvel seems to be continuing its streak of hits if this latest trailer is any indication.

Check out the latest Ant-Man trailer below:

I love the mix of action and comedy that we’re seeing so far. The clip of a train bearing down on Yellowjacket stirs up great emotion, but the cut away to show our miniature sized hero and villain fighting amongst Thomas the Train toys shocks us into hilarity. There are also some great lines like, “I’m Ant-Man. …Yeah, not my idea.” when referring to his silly name. Or Scott Lang denouncing his criminal ways, only to have Hank Pym ask him to break into a secure site and steal stuff is priceless. Much like Guardians of the Galaxy, I have very little knowledge of this property going in, but thanks to Marvel I am very much looking forward to seeing this flick. I will, however, reserve final judgement until after I’ve seen the film, but so far it’s impressive how Peyton Reed rescued the mess that Marvel and Edgar Wright created with their break up.

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